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Advice needed gym switch


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Apr 5, 2008
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first off this is my first post, so thanks in advance for your help. Now to my problem or dilemma I should say.

I started training around august/September of last year. I had my first smoker in feb(lost on points :( ). Shortly after my fight, my work schedule changed and it prevented me from training at my old school.

I looked and looked and finally found a different school that was close to worked with my work schedule. My old gym was primarily a kickboxing school, the gym I'm training at is basically mma,kickboxing,boxing school. My goal was to continue with kickboxing and gradually transition to mma.

So now ive been there for two weeks and I'm kind of questioning the quality of the school.
For example, the muay Thai class runs for about an hour and consists mainly a warmup, shadowboxing, shield kicking/ punching, and a couple rounds of bag work. We hardly do any pad/mitt work. The structure is also different. We don't work rounds, well do like 10 kicks with each leg and then its the other persons turn. At my other school we would work the pad and mitts like crazy and the structure was more geared towards fighting.

Now when we work subs, hes been teaching us the basics arm bar, kimuras from side control, and he'll show us variations. The problem I'm having is that I'm barely getting the hang of something and before u know it, were doing something else so its like by the next I already forgot what I learned.basically I feel like not really learning anything because we don't get to drill each variation long enough.

So in a nutshell, especially for the mma guys, how do u guys determine if a program is good or not.I'm new to the ground game so I done know what the heck to look for. I just feel like I'm noylt learning much yet. Thanks slot for your help guys
It sounds like your old school was more standup based while your new one is a bit more well rounded? Only you will realize if the school is the right fit for you. Some guys pick up techniques quickly, while others take longer.