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Advanced BJJ only: High Percentage Escape from Truck/Twister

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a sport which is constantly evolving. No coach knows everything my friend. I also do not believe whatever the coach says works for everyone. I am just trying to see what knowledge is out there.

Asks Internet for advanced techniques. Refuses to heed actual real instructors.
It's out there in competition, but it's not like it's doing much. I have zero ability out of rubber guard and truck, yet I've never been submitted by a 10P guy in competition or when I've visited their schools.

You definitely don't need to know 10P jiujitsu to defend against it, solid grappling works fine.

This is very true. If you have good posture and don't put your hands on the mat stupidly, that takes care of about 90% of the problems you could encounter involving rubber guard.

Also, on a side note, my mind can't seem to separate weird 10th Planet lingo from weird "PUA" lingo. Basically, in my mind, Eddie Bravo is the same as:

And they've both got the same methodology: they try to come up with weird crap so they can win by tricking people rather than by just by being good.
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