adults beatin their kids in public


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Dec 18, 2001
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We've all seen it. It infuriates me when it happens. I'm not sayin u should never hit ur kids though I personally don't believe in it.

What annoys me is when parents take their kids into places like restaurants or church. The kids are gonna get fuckin bored no matter what. They are too young to know better.

All they wanna do is play. I think the parents should know better and leave them somewhere or at least not take them to these places.

One incident that really got my blood boilin happened about 2 years ago.

I was in a supermarket goin about my business when this man came onto the isle with 3 young kids. They were on the ground playin and one of the kids was lettin on he was a cow.

The dad told him to stand up and behave but he never heard. So the father walks over and slaps this little kid who is about 3 or 4 full slap on the ass.

I wanted to fucken bust this bastards face there on the spot but I knew this would make the kids worse. I gave him a good tellin off and walked off.

A fully grown man hittin a woman is bad but a fuckin little kid. That would be like a gorrilla slappin one of us.

know where your coming from....

my son gets smacked...

but id never ever smack him in public and let alone for one incident..he gets about 5 warning before the hand hits the arse...
I understand that I don't have kids yet and I may be naive, but I se no sense in hitting.

Its better for them to understand and feel bad for what they did than to just worry about being found out.

If a fuckin kid wants to play just let them play. Thats their way of socialising. Jesus we spend enuff time talkin shit on here.
i know what your saying

i used to have the opinion i wont have to smack my child...

but when he throws his food,money,toys at your face/head when you tell him off he needs smacking

my son has cut mine and my wifes face on many occasions..

if we now say to you want a smack..

he soon fuckin gets his arse in line...
i dont beleive that hitting kids will do any good!

first of all if u just get in respect(the right way) by telling the kid or yelling or whatever..

there are other ways to punish kids that works just as well!!!

(not saying that im right!!)

but i will never do it, cause no one did it to me!!
everyone has thier ways....

without having children you dont know what you will do......

this can be argued for and against all day
I used to think the same way. Living in the U.S. I've seen how children are aware of their power over their parents. I have seen children (listen to neighbor kid to be exact) tell their parents that if they make him go to bed he will call the police and tell them they hit him...he is an evil child...this went on for a while, until the father got pissed and called the police for him and then slapped his ass. I have seen 9 and 10 year olds swear at their parents, kick them, bite them...etc.

I am not for hitting, but I do believe sometimes with certain kids is necessary. With my son it was easier... I could punish him by taking a toy, the tv, it would make a daughter on the other hand is bullheaded and will walk all over me if I don't use a different approach...I have taken her toys and tv and her response back has been SO?!...she is five, she has been on time out, I have tried every approach, even throwing away her toys and nothing, I never thought I would spank her in public and since she was aware that I would not do this she would cause a scene and disrespect me until the day I had to.

Its very easy to judge, God knows I did, and God had a way to shut my mouth with my daughter... I love my kids more then life but I will not tolerate disrespect.

I was a bad child... I got my share of woopings...and I am fine. I love my mom, and honestly if it wasn't for those woopings (well deserved trust me) I probably wouldn't be here today
I think you're right Kato. My sister's youngest (5) is a cute fellow but she hit him once in a supermarket because he wouldn't listen and called her a bitch (something he never did at home). She was even more upset about it then he was but he was really behaving badly and people were watching. He never did it again so it does work.
Why hit a kid? A rear naked choke or guillotine will suit them just fine...
Right Lady N... I think that sometimes is needed...there is a difference between abusive parents, they hit with anger, the children of abusive parents behave with fear in their eyes and are usually not the ones that make scenes in stores. There has to be a balance, but not every child is the same...
hard for me to say without having kids, but geez, my parents have hit me a few times and i never thought about calling one time.
Hitting them is the easy and quick way out. If you can control your emotions you should always be able to correct them through psychological operations. Gotta stay a step ahead of the little manipulators. I have three so I know that is a hell of a lot easier said than done. I haven't hit any of them yet but I wouldn't rule it out in a weak moment.

My old man used to rock the living fuck out of me all the time. I was defiant so the more he did it the more I got in trouble. It was the only way to stick it up his ass cause I couldn't take him. I try to give consistant positive re-enforcement when they are good and deprivation of fun when they screw up. We work with 3 levels. 1st time, scolding, 2nd time take away favorite toy or activity for 1 day on 3rd offense it goes for three days. So far we haven't gotten past the third offense.
1st time, scolding, 2nd time take away favorite toy or activity for 1 day on 3rd offense it goes for three days. So far we haven't gotten past the third offense. [/B][/QUOTE]

that worked on my son but not on my daughter... I am still to find something that I can repremend her with. She has no attachment to anything materialistic. I think this topic is like discussing politics or religion... everyone has their own style or way of bringing up their kids, all kids are different.

Personally I do not believe that hitting is the easy way least not for me, so I can't generalize. As I said before there is a different when a parent hits with anger...
Yeah, thats true. I think there is a totally different effect when you hit in a rage than when you do it in a non-emotional way. I only knew the rage part.
I don't have kids wbt what's wrong with a spank on the ass. I mean it will sting for like 5 minutes, and doesn't do any damage physically or psychologically. I rarely if ever got spanked but I should of. I went into the Marine Corps to straighten out and that wasn't until I was 18. As long as someone doesn't beat their kids like hit them with objects or in the face I have no problem. I see nothing wrong with one good slap on the ass.
Fuck that. there is nothing wrong with smacking your kids for misbehaving. some kids need a whooping from time to time. some kids whoopins will do no good and need to be punished in an alternative matter, and some kids just need a stern talking to. I would avoid a spanking in a public place but if i am going to have my athority chalanged the kids know what to expect