Adapting the bas rutten MMA workout

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by davidlordan, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Ihave used the Bas Rutten Work out on a heavy bag and find it really useful and a great way to focus my bag work.
    But i was thinking at Muay Thai class the other day that my elbows needed improving and working on, so i was thinking of using the bas rutten boxing CD (i know about the Muay Thai CD, and if i remember rightly it doesnt contain elbows? correct me if im wrong) but use elbows in stead of punches and throw elbow combinations

    1 left round elbow
    2 left round elbow, right round elbow
    3 left round elbow, right round elbow, left over hand elbow
    4 left round elbow, right round elbow, left over hand elbow, right uppercut elbow
    liver punch = jumping eblow
    upper cut = uppercut elbow
    hook punch = overhand elbow

    you can use upper cut elbows and over hand elbows off of both hands obvioulsy when the work out demands

    havnt tried this yet just putting it out there for discussion, and im guessing as usual some abuse!

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