Acte Suauve?


Apr 30, 2005
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anyone seen the bjj film called Acte Suauve it's portugeese but with english subs, it shows some of the biggest jiu jitsu guys in brazil showing some off their techniques and training routines, it also shows some hawt bjj girls in the end
and the musik ain't bad either
Get's an A+ from me,
here's the info file
Delve into the mystique of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Learn from the source. Featuring World Champions: Xande Ribeiro, Marcelo Garcia, Ricardo Vieira, Ronaldo Jacare, Daniel Moraes, Andre Galvao, Roger Gracie, Felipe Costa, Rodrigo Comprido, Leticia Ribeiro, and more.

2 hours of high-quality, impact footage, and original music. Highlights, reports, techniques, submissions, training, theory, competitions, conditioning... Watch the brazilian artists lifestyle and understand why they are number one in the world of grappling.

Watch new sensation Andre Galvao teach a class at TT Academy and demonstrate the drills that make him one of the top finishers in the game today. See Marcelo Garcia constantly taking the back in a no gi highlight! Listen to the phenomenon speaking about his art and see him rolling
in his academy. Learn Jacare's secret: 'I train in the morning, the afternoon, and at night!'. Visit Gracie Barra Academy and watch the historic Carlos Gracie Jr and Marcio Feitosa rolling. Listen to Roger Gracie speaking about his vision of the game.

Visit BRASA BJJ Camp where Comprido, Jacare and others show their stuff... And more training with Xande and Daniel, scuba diving and guillotine with Alexandre Pequeno, Ginastica Natural... And check out the Rio lifestyle and its beaches!
there is no acte in portuguese, the term (as johil pointed out) is arte suave, with means soft/smoth art, witch, as many of you know, is the translation of jiu jitsu.

I've seen this video (or part of it in a brazillian chanel a couple of years ago...)
pm me as well, it would be much appreciated
Awesome video. Shows a lot of different academies, and their different styles of jiujitsu.

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