Hey... I have taken responsibility. Even in the PM, I didn't make any excuses. Whatever happens, happens. I hope you didn't take my words in a manner which they were not intended...I didn't make any excuses...
Does that mean no desert after dinner tonight?
Shit! Not again...:mad:
vod, no worries...... this post was not directed at you, or anyone, specifically.
Originally posted by Blown & Injected
Yea me too! So about desert...........?

Alright, alright...... desert for everyone. hahahaha
I guess I'll have to transfer my "I was groped/tickled inappropriately at the checkout counter by an old man" thread to the gentlemen at the Morbid Angel website then.
MeatFist just spoiled my desert plans!
But thanks anyways Mr. H
So you're saying I'm spoiling you and Hojack from enjoying a nice mouthful of arid sand?
MeatFist QUOTE,
"I guess I'll have to transfer my "I was groped/tickled inappropriately at the checkout counter by an old man" thread to the gentlemen at the Morbid Angel website then."

Yuck!! old men and fondleing, sounds like the Catholic oath!
Hang on I'm going to get sick again..........
There went breakfast!!:mad:
No, I'm a one whore guy I'm afraid. I did check it out when the "necro" fellow posted the site but I didn't see enough action over there to hold my interest.
Att. MeatFist,
While the increase of insanity may be due to heredity, and the strain of modern civilization on weak brains is a most potent factor, certainly the enormous use of narcotics in the shape of tea, coffee, tobacco, and alcohol and explicit litrature, not to mention the indiscriminate use of other drugs, is responsible for 75 per cent. of disease.
Have you seen your provider lately?
I find most of my damage to be directly attributable to "S.H.S": Shaken Husband Syndrome.
Sorry forgot the rest,
As insanity is characterized by abnormal mental action and condition, it follows that there must necessarily be more or less congestion of the brain substance. To change this condition would seem to be the first requisite. If the blood is loaded with impurities, it necessarily affects the nourishment of the brain. If we can call the blood in greater force to the extremities and surface of the body, it is but reasonable to suppose that thereby an overcrowded brain may be relieved. How much more so when we can at the same time purify this circulating fluid. There is no such thing as isolation in physiology.
Meat you need to get some fresh air bradda and ask your wife for your nutz back!:D
The reason this forum is so wonderful is because a thread that is intended to be serious can be turned into a mix of fantasy and humor with a limited amount of posts... Sure this thread had potential but it's been stolen and dragged down to the level that we enjoy more...
Shaken Husband Syndrome????? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!
Fuggin hilarious man!
WHOOOOOO---I needed a good laugh. Thnx Meaty!!
Marriage is a symbiotic relationships. Without my wife, I would not eat or have Sports Center....

Then again...I probably wouldn't dip or drink, either.

I bring to the table a person to be abused and tormented, for my misery seems to whet her appetite for more.

Shaken Husband Syndrome.