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Jul 17, 2002
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so if anyone needs info or questions about the training at these me

north carolina
team roc chapel hill
team rock raliegh
royce network charlotte
sucuri bjj
joe hurst acadamy
Locust BJJ
south carolina
lexington martial arts
modern combatives rock hill
alliance sandy springs
alliance mid town
straight blast gym athens
Team Praxis- Griffin
Gracie Barra-sandy springs
Gracie Barra Douglasville
Gracie Barra Atlanta
joe grey linx acadamy
dc area
yamasaki chantilly
yamasaki rock springs
jorge gurgel middletown
fox valley grappling club
greg nelson acadamy
ringsports marcelo monterio
greg eldred caique assc.
springfield fight club
dallas machado
ndbjj plano
lutter jiu jitsu travis lutter
granbury bujitsu
mohlers irving
relson gracie austin phil cardela
vandrys austin
san marcos Barra affiliate bjj
san antonio ama...senki marra affiliate
benevides san benito
tpc silsbee hawk hardy
leo xavier h-town
pauls bjj katy
Solis humble
carlson gracie chicago
Rio, Brazil
iate guanabarra daniel moraes
North Florida bjj....victor huber in Jacksonville

theres other blue belts with small places i have trained at also.
Wow, quite the list... And you can remember details about each of those acadamies? Your a regular BJJ directory.
Fuck me!
I've trained at like 3 clubs in 3 years of BJJ. One of them was only a one off.
Damn, Charles you get around!

I only been to one jj place, Relson Gracie Main Academy - Honolulu, Hawaii but plan on a lot more in Europe.
i will probably be at a lot more places next year while traveling.
i will update my list as it happens. i talked to phil while in austin, he is coming out to the hawaii acadamy soon, watch out for the triangles. he is the master of them.
KillaC -- Read my question and guardpasser's answer above.
if we get something in florida i will be sure to go there
which school in north carolina was the best? how about dc area and virginia? I may be moving in a year and a half or so.
The fact that Praxis Gym isn't on there makes me want to kick you in the balls.
Hey Guardpasser, do you know about any good places to train in Kansas? I want to do some MMA/Thai/BJJ. Any suggestions?
Team Praxis/Academy of Fighting Arts (competition team) - Griffin/Macon/Carrollton
Velocity Kickboxing - Kennsaw
Velocity - Prado
SBG GA/Hardcore - Athens
VMAC - Valdosta
Carrollton Wrestling and Boxing (assistant) - Carrollton
University of West Georgia wrestling - Carrollton

Integrated Fighting - Indianapolis

House of Pain - Chicago
Gracie Barra - downtown Chicago
Some fitness center on Wacker in Chicago - trained with Shidokanartist

Cleburne County jr and senior high school - (wrestling program)
Auburn University wrestling

Anconas Gym - Mettarie (or some shit like that...New Orleans)

List of people of some recognition I have rolled with:
Cam McHargue (chief instructor/mentor) - Former WEF world champion, ISCF champion, several other grappling and MMA titles.
"Chainsaw" Charles McCarthy - leglock wizard, UFC Veteran
Junior Assuncao - Gracie Barra brown belt
Rafael Assuncao - Gracie Barra Brown Belt
Diego Saraiva - Nova Uniao black belt (Currently 4th in RANKED point total)
Ricardo Murgel - 7th degree black belt under Flavio Behring
Rory and Adam Singer - head instructors at the Hardcore Gym
Forrest Griffin - TUF season 1 winner
Melvin Guillard - TUF season 2 competitor
Andy Foster - Gracie Barra brown belt, ISCF World champion
Dan Simmler - Matt Serra purple belt, Grappler's Quest/NAGA national competitor
Ninja and Shogun Rua - Chuteboxe dudes with kicks big and stomps good.
Chris "Lights Out" Lytle - UFC, Pancrase, WEF, Cage Rage et al veteran, IBF ranked boxer
Davion Peterson - Purdue wrestler, ADCC competitor.

not that great, but just thought I'd try to put something together.
good list blake
my wife is the hold up in getting over there with you guys.
it will happen when we get a job over there, we are bidding some in cherokee county, i will make the drive if we get them.
Guardpasser, what belt do you hold? You're experience to say the least.
4 stripe blue, i dont get a lot of training due to traveling, i have ben the same level for two years.
i do get to visit a lot of places, so it keeps the interest up.
guardpasser said:
i will probably be at a lot more places next year while traveling.
i will update my list as it happens. i talked to phil while in austin, he is coming out to the hawaii acadamy soon, watch out for the triangles. he is the master of them.

Ok Charles, thanks for the warning. I got to make sure and ask Relson which escape works better for his triangle. Only two I know of that works with awesome triangle guys.
ttt for my updated list.

With this new job I have, my training list is going to expand. Before summer, I already have plans to visit Matt Serra, ATT, Jorge Gurgel, and Cobra Kai.

Anyone else have any ideas of good academies?