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Abraham/Ayala plys Herndenez/Braithwaite on Now for Free


Gold Belt
Sep 1, 2002
Reaction score
King Arthur Abraham 159.8 vs Elvin Ayala 159.8
Yoan Pablo Hernandez 196.2 vs Wayne Braithwaite 198.4
(WBA Fedelatin/WBC Latino cruiserweight titles)
Mads Larsen 167.9 vs Ross Thompson 170.8
Cecilia Braekhus 143.5 vs Tatjana Dieckmann 146.8

Just getting started, another sweet free live feed http://www.mdr.de/boxen-im-ersten/5071711.html

Now Ayala doesn't have much of a shot, but pay close attention to the co main event. Hernandez is a rising cruiser star, a cuban defector who is up in a very tough test the former champ Braithwaite.

Most of the undercard is over, here are the results

Super Middleweight Mads Larsen (50-2, 37 KOs), trying to get back into title contention, took an eight round unanimous decision over veteran Ross Thompson (26-12-2, 16 KOs). Scores were 79-73, 80-73, 80-72.

Light heavyweight Vladimir Povetkin (5-0, 1 KO), brother of heavyweight contender Alexander Povetkin, not surprisingly defeated Sladko Cizicz (0-12) by unanimous decision over four rounds.

Female welterweight star Cecilia Braekhus (6-0, 2 KOs) took a one-sided six round unanimous decision over Tatjana Dieckmann (1-3).

Unbeaten cruiserweight Lukasz Janik (9-0, 4 KOs) outpointed Jean Claude Bikoi (14-9-1, 8 KOs) over six rounds.

Nikola Vujasinovic W4 Ivor Marinchev (heavyweight)

Fadil Qasem KO1 Artur Hein (light heavyweight)
Thanks for the info. Please post the other results when the fights get done, if you could.
Braithwaite just stopped Hernandez in the 3rd. Counter right hand to the forehead followed by three knockdowns.

Wayne was down in round one off of an uppercut and hurt in round two to the body. Hernandez had shitty defense though and got burned.
Wow. Good win for Braithwaite, it sounds like.
My feed shorted out, I hope I can catch this on youtube
Hernandez reminded me of Wlad. Was dominating, looked good but just got caught by a good puncher. He fell down quickly and wasn't recovering well. He' young who knows, maybe he'll improve his defense.
Side note: obvious long german counts were in full effect again. Hernandez got two counts close to 15 seconds.
Nothing like home cooking for you.......
he even pulled him up at the first knock down even though hernandez could't even stand...
Side note: obvious long german counts were in full effect again. Hernandez got two counts close to 15 seconds.

Even the commentators mentioned it. I hate watching boxing in German. Even though I'm German and want to root for the German fighters I just have to root for the other fighters becasue of the preferential treatment for German fighters/fighter training in Germany.
Great crowd, can't say the same for the live band........
commentator says abraham holds the world record in p4p punching power. Measured in Berlin a few days ago... didnt say anything about the stats
What happened? Tell more about the fight, did Ayala stand and trade? What was the score up to the KO? I can't believe it almost went the distance. Nice job Ayala you made New England proud today!!!
Awesome fucking ending. Ayala dropped like a corpse. I don't know what took Abraham so long to get his offense going since everytime he did, he manhandled Ayala.

hearing the national anthems played by a string ensemble was a nice touch.