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? about a punch

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it comes out like a shovel hook, a 45 degree angle but is fully extended like a jab (not the traditional up jab in boxing) but it comes up through the defense the same.ive seen this punch thrown a few times in mma and was wondering if it a) has a name b) is effective (the few times ive seen it it did not connect) c) is it improvised or practiced.yves edwards used it a few times vs eddie ruiz
Like everything else I think the effectiveness of this punch is determed by the one throwing. Ive seen this punch used effective in Thai fights, and to my knowledge the translation in english for the punch is just a shovel hook. The only problem that, as you know, when throwing a powerful hook or uppercut even when thrown in a combo opens up a side of your face. I think speed would be my determing factor on whether or not i would choose to throw this punch, and i would certainly work on not overextending this one... keep it nice and tight and i could see it being an effective tool. Try a Jab, Cross, Shovel, Cross and see how it flows, or adversley something like Jab, Jab, Shovel, Hook if you want your dominant hand behind it.
The shovel hook.! I love this punch. Its sort of a trademark at my school. If you fight orthodox I would throw it after slipping right hands. I fight southpaw but I'm right handed so I throw this punch after slipping the orthodox jab. I go to the body with it and then hook over the top alot after it. I also throw it with the rear hand and to teh body and try to get the leeeever as Bas would say. Good technique if you get the mechanics down to make it powerful and then throw some focus mitt combos to figure out the distance.
Going high with is harder and thats why you havent seen it land. Its best to throw it like an uppercut but from too far out so you have to shoot it straight out to connect.