? About 101 Submissons vol 1 or 2


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May 4, 2003
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sorry if this is in the wrong forum (hardly post but always on here) but I am looking to buy Submissions 101 chapter 1 or 2. Does anybody have this item? Ive been eyeing this dvd for a long time now but havnt seen any reviews for it. When i stop doing my jui jitsu classes to go back to college i need something right? If anybody has any thoughts on it feel free to drop em in here. thanks and sorry again if this is in the wrong forum.
Very good vids though. Youll probably get a better response over in the Grappling forum though.
yeah i know shooto. i have instructionals to help it along but i heard they have set-ups and stuff. just trying to see if anybody on here had it and if 1 chapter was better than the other. thanks tho ill post this in the grappling section
its cool to watch, but you probably wont be able to learn a ton from it.
^^^ if you train already i think you can learn a lot from it. i have whichever version is the no gi one. its good, too many leg submissions imo, but thats just preference. they are good tho