A prowrestling forum?

Jack Sparrow

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Oct 13, 2005
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Hi there, I highly enjoy your work and appreciate it
Just to ask if you think about creating a prowrestling forum?
Don't flame me there there's tons of WWE thread and else, people looks to be attracted by these and in the other hands we may have some news about Hustle and co.
That way others forum may be more clear and be "polluted" by Prowrestling things?
The WWE Discussion series of threads in The Wasteland has been more than sufficient I think. There's also a puroresu thread as well. There's some good consistent posters there, but a whole forum of Pro Wrestling would just invite too many flame-wars.
You 're right Thank you for your answer, I was just trying
I said that because sometime wasteland looks like a real wasteland...
I vote for a pro wrestling forum, itd bring alot more people to the site too. Theres nowhere to talk about it here. Please dont let your personal feelings about WWE retrict pro wrestling threads to the wateland. It save you guys alot of work just having a sperate forum for it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE