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Jul 17, 2002
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a little back ground here first.
joe hurst is the promoter of the dale jr and bud world cup. it is good to have an event in NC like that, but he was promoted to black belt and rumor has it, that he has promoted a guy to black belt also.
i have met him and he was really nice and wants to promote bjj and sub wrestling a lot in NC.
the bad thing is, there is a lot of contorversy.
NC has a bjj federation, he doesnt seem to acknowledge the one that is in place. it is not in place for one group to take over and denounce others, it is for all groups to come together as one.
sucuri togno, luis palheras and relson gracie are on the board, along with other predominate black belts. i am not bad mouthing joe in any way, but he seems to be in a predicament now. hopefully the federation and joe will be able to work this out.
the following article came from adcombat news:

A Note From Relson Gracie
Submitted by: Relson Gracie
Posted On 09/23/2005

ADCC NEWS received this note from Relson Gracie himself -

To the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community:

I would like to inform you that Joe Hurst has been misleading the public. With his unknown belt ranks from Brown to so called Black. Joe Hurst has no honor as a jiu jitsu fighter to represent the Gracie Family in anyway or form.

I was once his instructor and I personally know what type of person he really is. I am Challenging Joe Hurst to fight one of my purple belts at his event or any event, with GI or No Gi, with time limit or No time limit.

Relson Gracie
Coordinador t
I really get a kick out of this kind of thing, in a way. It's so old school ...
Joe has been called out.
there was a lot of flack back when joe got his brown belt, lots of challenges and so on.
I think he was under royce at the time, rumor says...Royce didnt approve of the brown belt at all.
he really doesnt compete, so i doubt he will take any challenges.
the federation in Nc is trying to get all the tournaments there under the same set of rules for tournaments and belt rankings. i wouldnt want relson doing me this way.
I wonder who the purple is going to be. Maybe jjmuaythaiguy knows more about this. Maybe JJ is the one who is going to the purple!! Heh.

He'd be stupid to take the challenge.. but I hope he does so I can what happens if he wins or loses.
DeltaSigChi4 said:
I wonder who the purple is going to be. Maybe jjmuaythaiguy knows more about this. Maybe JJ is the one who is going to the purple!! Heh.


I was just out in Hawaii and he is a blue belt. But a BIG blue belt! He'd probably represent really well. :)
Masakatsu Funaki #1 said:
guardpasser you up on my forum right? GA guys can post to :p
i will get on your forum and start posting,
does joe get on there???
i read the threads in the underground about the relson qoute, they are not into it at all. they dont seem to like relson very much
i think the ncbjj federation is a good thing, but everyone tries to view it as a bad thing because one group starts it and the others didnt,
you got Alliance, palhares, relson, and some other groups involved in it, so it could benefit everyone.
the royce assc. are really big in Nc, it would be good to get greg thompson on that board also.
if the rules and weight divisions were all the same at every tournamnet and refs were certified, it would make the tournaments run a lot better.
Hey Charles. Its David from Phil's school. Find out more on this if you can. Thanks.
luiz told me that the purple is gonna whoop his ass. period

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