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A lifetime ban?? for something that wasn't that big of a deal



My former name was Blunt91 andI am posting to express my displeasure of recently getting ban for a comments I made about a Japanese fighter named Akiyama. I don't remember exactly what I said, but it was mainly to the fact that I thought the guy was overrated and hadn't faced any real competiton. I had forgotten about the post and logged in the other day to get a message stating the following" You have been ban for ignorant comments about Japenses fighters. The day the ban will be lifted: NEVER!!

I thought that was too extreme and I think calling someone ignorant is very unprofessional of you. If you choose to ban me again, that's okay because right now I don't really feel welcome here and someone only has to do me wrong once before I cut all ties with them.

Have a Nice Day.