A few simple questions about my routine.

I only had 3 days to lift each week, so I decided to take out DE for lower body.

I'm open to suggestions of adding/taking out lifts on the 3 days I have, but I can't add another day :\. Would incorporating DE lifts into the ME Lower day be alright?
I wouldn't do heavy deads and heavy squats on the same day... that would be killer
Edit: I'm an idiot and don't know how to read... I see that you switch between the two every other week, for a WS4 it looks fine to me, I would personally use a program that incorporates more legs but its good.
I wouldn't do heavy deads and heavy squats on the same day... that would be killer

The deads and squats would be switched between every 3 weeks.

I probably shoulda done a better job at making that page.
Everything before the semicolon will be done for three weeks, then everything after the semicolon will be done three weeks. Then I'll repeat.
So you won't be squatting for an entire 3 weeks? Seems like a long time to not get under the bar.

Don't mind me asking where are your pr's at right now.
I just started lifting January 23. I actually haven't started the "second-three-weeks" yet, so I'm not sure what my max on squats is. My log is on the "Training Log" page of the site I posted, though.

Bench 1RM = 160
Deadlift 1RM = 220

I've heard from a lot of people that I could find a routine much better than WS, but this is the best I could come up with. Like I said, though, any suggestions are welcome. Recommend me a whole new routine if I need it :\
I believe that, as a beginner, one should do the basics with a high frequency...because, quite frankly, you can easily recover from the frequent heavy lifting. As a noob you won't be handling weight that will test your body's ability to recover.

That being said...go with the 5x5 or, better yet, Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength routine.