A Couple moves I will NEVA use


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May 25, 2003
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lol, i remember a while ago somene started another thread about turkish oil wrestling and a practicioner of the....errrmm, art, fighting style (?) got all offended. i guess the grips are necessary with all that fuckin grease!
I can see his squished pee pee in picture 1...

Dear lord why?
I'm speechless, i don't know if i should find this funny or just plain disturbing
where did u get those? and what is that move called? DO i wanna know how you win ?
lmao. i thought this thread was going to be about the dangers of some new heel hook or whatever.
I thought it'd have a picture of a bicep slicer
i hope they never allow this style in mma lol that would def drive 90% of the fans away ... i don't get how any str8 guy could do this, it puts male chearleaders to shame lol
Yagli Gures - Turkish Wrestling. The Turkish national sport.
You can win by:
1. Throwing the opponent with headlock.
2. Pinning.
3. A declaration by the opponent of defeat.

They cover themselves with olive oil. Those pants are slick even without oil, so grabbing outside of them is impossible. The only way to get leverage is to go for third base.

There was a special on it once on the Learning Channel or something. It didn't look so gay in that documentary, but that top photo is much the gheyness. I'd say these guys were friends of Dorothy if it weren't for the fact that they have hordes of female groupies in Turkey.

C'mon guys, let's just embrace our fellow grappling brothers.
Are they actually tackling each other's tackles as it were?

Or are they going for something else?
I remember watching some tribe in the jungle,
and they would wrestle to train themselves,
they were a warrior tribe.
the goal of their wrestling was not to pin or
throw the guy, but to grab the guy's nut sack.
whoever does this wins. so the whole wrestling
evolved around that concept.
they could probably rip your testicles off.
I would HATE to spar with them. much less fight them.