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A Bootenant Prepares For War

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by obroin, May 23, 2014.

  1. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Hey All,

    I've lurked for a long time, finally started posting earlier this year, and now that I've graduated and am about to enter the real world, I decided I wanted to post a log here to prepare for the future.

    I am currently a USMC Officer Candidate. I have already completed OCS and I will be accepting a commission as a 2nd Lt in a few months. I should be heading off to TBS (The Basic School, my first duty station/school) sometime towards the beginning of 2015. Until then, I want to get into really good shape. My goal MOS is 0302 (Infantry) or 0203 (Ground Intel) so fitness is a must. I want to focus on getting stronger and better at ruck marches, so my plan will include a lot of that.

    Additionally, I have a love of martial arts. Long ago, I did Tae Kwon Do, and recently started incorporating it into kickboxing, and so far it's going pretty well. I also have started doing BJJ. So I plan on doing 3 MA workouts a week.

    Next week, I will be testing my lifts to get maxes to start my program, as well as taking trial classes at the gyms I plan on training at now that I'm back home and away from my college. My lifting program is based around Wendler's 5/3/1, with the addition of heavy back training, and a little long distance running. My schedule is-

    M- Lifting A
    T- BJJ Class
    W- Lifting B
    H- BJJ Class
    F- Lifting C
    S- (morn) 5 mile run/Functional fitness workout (afternoon) Striking/MMA Class
    In addition, on MTHF mornings, I will be doing a 3 mile weighted vest/weighted pack walk to work on my rucking.

    My lifting routine is as follows

    Snatches (3/2/1 - same percentages as 5/3/1, but lower reps)
    Squat 5/3/1, DB Row 5x10/ BB Row 5/3/1, Squat 5x10*
    Triceps/Ab SS

    Farmers Walks (4x)
    W. Pull Ups 5/3/1, Incline DB Bench 5x10 OR Bench 5/3/1, BW Pullups 5x10*
    Romanian Deadlift/Ab SS OR Front Squat/Ab SS*

    Cleans (3/2/1)
    OH Press 5/3/1, Deadlift 5x10 OR Deadlift 5/3/1, OH DB Press 5x10*
    Biceps/Ab SS

    *The workouts are cycled, ie one week its heavy squats and volume row, next week heavy row and volume squats. I will be going for 6 weeks, so that every one of the six major lifts goes through all three 5/3/1 workouts before I deload and reassess. I'll also do 15 min of sprints/intervals as cardio after the lifting sessions.

    My diet is as of now 4000 calories a day, with a goal of 200 grams of protein, and the rest coming from fats, veggies, or clean carbs. After 6 weeks, I'll reassess and add/subtract calories as necessary.

    Breakfast- Eggs, Steel-cut oats, oranges
    Lunch- Chicken Breast, salad (avocado, pomegranate, and other good stuff), rice
    Dinner- Fish on MA days, Steak on Lifting days, sweet potatoes, and steamed veggies
    Workout- Banana pre workout, gatorade during, protein shake post
    Before Bed- Greek Yogurt and granola

    I'll post the maxes I get next week on here before the actual log starts. Any motivation/input will be greatly appreciated.
    Last edited: May 23, 2014
  2. Repairman1988 Blue Belt

    Sep 28, 2009
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    Off topic- Hopefully you treat your troops well. Air Force has a sickness with Officers. They don't do a damn thing but make the lives of others more complicated and miserable. Lazy as hell too. Best of luck on your journey as an officer, don't lose your soul a long the way.

    On topic- Good luck with your routine.
  3. Dr Strange Rex The Strange King Platinum Member

    Feb 12, 2008
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    Next level consciousness
    Marines have them, too. Mostly non combat units from what I've seen. My officers were legit killers, though. I learned a lot from them.

    Welcome to the logs, TS. Semper Fi.
  4. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Thanks for the support you two. I fully intend to be the best officer I can be-that's why I'm starting this log haha. If I had decided I wanted to serve earlier in my life, I probably would have enlisted, but given where I was at in my life, I felt the officer route was the best use of my talents. I also don't intend on going career, so I think that gives me an edge-I don't care who I piss off, as long as my men get back in one piece.
  5. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Got two workouts done and some maxes to report

    Last Friday I got
    9x225 RDL (285 Max)
    10x140 Incline DB Press (185 Max, or 92.5 DB's)
    and I warmed up to 1x185 for a Power Clean. Shooting to get somewhere around 205 for my actual max.

    Today was
    7x205 Front Squat (245)
    10x90 Kroc (DB) row (120 max per arm)
    6x100 DB OH Press (120 max, or 60 lbs per arm) OH pressing is my weakness
    and I warmed up to a really sloppy 135 snatch. My longtime max was 155, but I might lower the weight to keep it clean.

    Thursday I will be maxing cleans, deadlift, bench, BB curl, as well as a 5rm for weighted pull ups. Saturday I'll do snatch, squat, bent over row, OH press, and close grip benching. Then on Monday, it starts for real.

    Any advice on if I should use a weighted vest or a hiking pack for my morning walks?
  6. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Maxes for today

    Clean-205, which tied my ATB. Happy about that.
    Deadlift- 3x365 (385). 20 lb under my ATB-not as happy.
    Bench- 8x225 (280) 5 lb over my ATB projected.
    W Pull Up- got 5 reps with 25 lbs. Not good. Hopefully as I lose weight these will get easier.
    CGBP- Switched with BB curls cuz my bi's felt tired from the pull ups. 6x185 (215)

    More to come in a few days. I will also be going to my new gym starting next week, so I'm excited to get back in the game and roll again.
  7. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Results for Saturdays workout.

    Snatch- 145. A little low, and I could have gone higher, but I wanted tighter form, so I'll keep it low.
    Squat- 7x255 (305) Just like my Deadlift, 20 lbs low. Guess my lower body lost some strength. Felt like I was gonna pass out here.
    Bent Over Row- 9x185 (245). Not bad, I love heavy rowing.
    Overhead Press- 5x135 (155). Tied my PR.
    BB Curl- 10x90 (120). Used an EZ bar and pretty strict form. Felt pretty good.

    So, using Wendler's assertion at your training max (TM) being 90% of your absolute max for the main lifts (rounded up to the nearest 5 lbs), here's the TM's I'm going to be using for this cycle.

    Squat- 275
    Deadlift- 350
    Bench- 255
    Press- 140
    Incline Db Bench- 170 (85 lb per arm)
    Seated DB Press- 110 (55 lb per arm)
    Kroc Row- 220 (110 lb per arm)

    For arms and ab work, and Front squat and RDL's, TM will equal the absolute max. I'm starting out really light on these, and will progress depending on how I feel. On alternating weeks, I will do Dips and Chin Ups instead of CGBP and BB Curl. I'll start with BW and go from there. Really excited for tomorrow, can't wait to get back in the game.
  8. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Another note on how my program is going to work.

    So since I am cycling each lift between a 5/3/1 workout and a 5x10 workout, it is going to take me 6 weeks to complete all 3 5/3/1 workouts and each 5x10 workout. Here is how I plan to progress in my 5x10 workouts.

    Workout 1- 1x55%, 4x10x65%
    Workout 2- 1x55%, 4x10x70%
    Workout 3- 1x55%, 4x10x75%

    The progression is fast, and I wouldn't be surprised if by Workout 3, I miss a few reps. I feel that alternating high volume with heavy strength work is going to give me enough stimulus to keep progressing on both. Since I am not doing a 5x10 workout for walks/cleans/snatches, I will run through a whole 3/2/1 cycle with the lift in 3 weeks, then do another 3/2/1 in the second 3 weeks, with a 5 lb increase in TM.

    On assistance work (Arms, Front Squat, RDL), I will use this progression. Since each exercise is done every other week (alt CGBP w/ Dips, Chins w/ BB Curl, Front Squat w/ RDL), it will take 6 weeks to get through all three workouts per exercise.

    Workout 1- 3x10 @55%
    Workout 2- 3x8 @ 65%
    Workout 3- [email protected] 75%

    Abs will also rotate and be subject to how I'm feeling. Generally they will have some additional resistance, and I will shoot for 10-20 reps per set. They will be supersetted with the assistance work, to give me some rest between them.

    For my conditioning, I will start out unweighted on the walks, to get used to waking up early and to get into a routine before I make the workouts harder. Plus, I still havent decided weighted vest vs hiking pack, so we'll see how that goes.

    After my lifting sessions, I will follow this schedule for cardio

    M- Hill (or incline treadmill) sprints
    W- Mid-distance (200-800 m) intervals
    F- Flat (or bike) sprints

    The distance/intensity/duration/rest will vary depending on motivation, time, and where I am in the training cycle, hoping to go longer/harder every time.

    Once this cycle is over, I intend to increase my Training Max on Squats and Deadlifts by 20 lbs, 10 on Bench, Press, and Row (and their variants), along with Front Squats and RDLs. The assistance work will go up depending on how I feel, probably 5-10 lbs, or I may keep the same weight and up the reps for the following cycle.

    Still not sure if I'm going to do a light deload for week 7, or just not lift at all. Again, we'll go off of how I feel.

    After 4 cycles, I plan on either-reducing weight training and focusing on potentially taking an amateur fight, OR increasing weight training substantially to increase my squat, which is comparatively weaker than my other lifts. Maybe a round of the Smolov base cycle with a little bit of extra work thrown in to maintain my progress.

    Sorry for the long rant.
  9. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Day 1 complete!

    Warmed up with some jump rope and planks, then did 3 sets of 5 MB slams and 5 tuck jumps.

    Snatches-5x45, 5x75, 3x95, 3x105, 3x115
    Squats- 10x45, 5x135, 5x185, 5x210, 10x235 (thought I was gonna die on that last set)
    Kroc Row- 10x60, 4x10x70 (60 and 70 lb DB, done for 10 reps each side)
    Close Grip Bench Press- 3x10x120, SS with 3x20 hanging flutter kicks

    Cardio- 9mph, 12% incline. 15 seconds on, 45 seconds off. Made it through 6 rounds-shooting for 8 next week.

    Really good day today. Heading to the gym to do some no-gi BJJ tomorrow.
  10. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Rolled for the first time in months today. I actually fit in pretty well at the gym, I seem to be one of the better white belts and I am competitive with all but the best guys there. Worked on some hip bump sweeps and countering with a kimura if he puts his weight into you to prevent the sweep. Almost nailed my first north-south choke, but I gave up on it because I thought it wasn't working. Also got my ass kicked by a sick purple belt who had some of the best guard work I've ever seen.

    Taking tomorrow morning off from walking to give me a chance to get some extra sleep. I feel pretty sore right now and I want to make sure I'm recovering.

    Semper Fi.
  11. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Day 2

    Warmed up with jump rope, then 3x5 clap push ups and 3x6 lateral hops.

    Farmers Walk- 4x200 lbs (100 lb dumbbells)- 25 second walks
    W Pull Ups- 5xBW, 5xBW, 5x5 lbs, 5x10 lbs, 7x15 lbs
    Incline DB Bench- 10x50, 4x10x60
    Front Squat- 3x10x135, SS w/ 2x10 hyperextensions
    Cardio- 4x 1:00 on at 10 mph, 2:00 rest

    Tough day. I helped my uncle with some yard work and it took a while, and I didn't get much rest between the end of that and my workout. Going to get some extra sleep tonight.

    I'm gonna finish this cycle with the Farmers Walks, but next cycle I might switch them for high pulls. I feel they tax my grip and hurt my pull ups. We'll see how it feels come week 5 and 6. Cardio was hard as hell. My goal for next week is to hit 6 intervals with only 1:30 rest. Ready to sleep and get a good long walk in tomorrow.

    Semper Fi
  12. obroin Orange Belt

    Jan 29, 2014
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    Yesterday I had my first day of gi training. Unfortunately, I don't have a gi, but it was interesting to see some of the different techniques you can use compared to no gi. Rolled with the purple belts and our black belt instructor and got my ass handed to me, but it felt good and I feel like I learned a lot. I'm really working to hit north-south chokes more effectively, it seems I have the opportunity a lot but I have trouble finishing the choke.

    Day 3. Cycle 1.

    Warmed up with jump rope, kettlebell swings, and broad jumps
    Cleans- 5x45, 5x95, 3x125, 3x140, 3x160
    Press- 10x45, 5x75, 5x95, 5x105, 10x120
    Deadlift- 5x195, 4x5x225. I dropped the reps on deadlift because I was afraid high rep deadlifts would hurt my lower back. May start to work up to 4x10 over the next few cycles.
    Chin Ups 3x10, SS with Russian Twists 3x20 w/ 25 lbs.

    Cardio- 5x100m sprints on 2:00. Felt way better than I did on Monday doing treadmill sprints.

    The plan is to wake up tomorrow at 8:30 and do a 3 mile run before the 11:30 MMA class. I won't do a workout after the run, because we usually do some conditioning at the start of the class.

    I have a PFT coming up at the end of the month (June 28th), so I plan on doing really well on that. After a solid month of training, I should breeze through the run. Last time I ran a 24:00 on a hilly course and I was recovering from an ankle injury, so I wouldn't be surprised if I break 21.

    Also, after I finish this 7 week cycle, I may switch up my program a little. The general thought of the program would be the same, but I would do more 5/3/1 and less high volume stuff. Plus, I would switch high pulls (snatch and clean grip) with farmers walks. Also, after 3 weeks, I would increase my training max and start again. The new program would be,

    Snatch 3/2/1
    Squat 5/3/1
    Row 5/3/1
    Press 5x10 (alternating incline DB Bench and Dips by week) SS with lower ab work 5x20

    High Pulls 3/2/1 (Alternate snatch grip with clean grip. TM will be the actual max of the full lift)
    Bench 5/3/1
    Pull Ups 5/3/1 ish
    Leg 5x10 (alternating Front Squat and RDL) SS with ab work 5x20

    Cleans 3/2/1
    Deadlift 5/3/1
    Press 5/3/1
    Pull 5x10 (alternating Chin Ups and Kroc Rows by week) with upper ab work 5x20

    Any opinions on which set up might be better?
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2014

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