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A basket of wine, cheeses and crackers


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Oct 8, 2008
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I'm getting pumped for the playoffs slugging a 40 when i get word that the house im watching it at is hosting a few babes i knew from highschool back in the mid 00's. I was originally going to wear what i woke up in, sweatpants and a t shirt, most likely with flip flops. Now the tables have turned and i have to turn it on. Tucked in button down, trendy pants, hipster shoes, scarf, slick the hair parted like gosling does, nice watch etc. This is all fine, simple and well. But who shows up to a party empty handed? Maybe the guy they all knew in highschool who was always stoned and wore new era fitteds, but not a guy who has recently launched an upstart internet business. A lot of the girls thought i was sleazy in highschool (esp. the type of girls im going to see today) because i would only call girls for booty calls and banged a lot of their drunk friends and wouldnt call them or try to hang out with them again. But i digress, I figure wine and cheeses would be great on almost any occasion, BUT football, not to mention it would be a little pinky out. So what would a rich twat bring to football playoffs day party? beer? seems somewhat lowbrow. these girls are psuedo classy and would probably love to slam tequila and vodka if it werent for appearances and i dont think showing up at 1pm with 2 bottles is a good move. The girls I know are going to be there include one I've hooked up with about 7 years ago and havent seen since, one engaged, one is my buddies gf, and the other is a bit younger, pretentious, snobby, a bitch, fine and a staple of the town we're all from. My goal is to obviously bone either the younger one or the one ive fingered a ways back. There will probably be other babes there too. I just dont know what to bring and sherdog always has good, amusing advice. Nothing is off limits here. I'll see these girls today/tonight and probably not again for a long while.

Throw away the 40oz and go classy. I'd pair this with a nice brie.
Bring a Whitney Houston CD and show everyone your new business card.
In all seriousness I would probably just bring a keg of Zima.

Champagne is good for any occasion, tastes good (dont go cheap), and people love it.
Zima is a good idea if you want zomething different.
Bring all the requisites for margaritas. Girls love margaritas, usually even the cheap trashy pre-mix kind.
Those hickory farm meat cheese and cracker party platters are the best
Lol when both girls end up having a 3way with a guy who showed up in sweatpants
Why didn't you invite any of your Sherdog brethren?

Weak, bro.
Lol when both girls end up having a 3way with a guy who showed up in sweatpants


You'll come off as trying too hard and the guy that brings a 6 pack and is more into the game will be getting head in the bathroom by halftime
Lol when both girls end up having a 3way with a guy who showed up in sweatpants

You are an excellent poster, sir.

I'd bring expensive liquor. And some chasers. Maybe a bottle of Smirnoff and some orange juice.

Just remember, liquor does it quicker. The guy who mentioned margaritas has the right idea.

Zima... man. That brings back memories. I remember hiding a 6-pack of Zima in a pothole on my friend's street when I was around 14. Good times.
On my phone that OP is one big wall of text so I didnt read it.

But, wee wee.
change out of the clothes youre in now and slather on body paint using the colors of your team