9 Year Old Rolling Loop Choke

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by Gerbiljiujitsu, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Gerbiljiujitsu

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    the title says it all. This is the first day he saw a loop choke. I taught it to him after I saw that he liked the collar snatch (which is also demonstrated).

    There is a variation of the reroll when you cant make space for your head or hand behind the arm.
  2. sha

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    Nice! I remember seeing your video on that choke, I really like it.

    I do find it a lot harder to finish than back chokes though. For some reason it seems much easier for people to resist, as well as harder on your own grip.

    I also don't finish it from the belly down position. Instead, I try to turn into him almost as if I wanted to come up on all fours, so that my own thigh makes a shelf for the back of his head and adds to the choking pressure.

    Anyway, all around I find it a fairly low-risk and underused choke. Although I did end up on bottom side control quite a few times at first before I got used to the proper rolling motion.
  3. EndlessCritic

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    After I wrestled in high school, I joined the university judo club. Let me tell you when I say, it was one of the softest, bush league clubs ever. However, the instructors were legit black belts, with legit technique.

    This was the technique they showed on day 1.
  4. peregrine

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    This is a good technique to work early.
    Hard to defend (once looped)

    The get up is under used. It is a my specific tactic for those stalling smucks who get a score/advantage then do nothing.

    The choke itself was the first technique I got to finish consistently as a white belt. Over the years I've put out about 3to5people with this. The wing choke is superior to the no arm rolling choke. Once that wing choke is on you are near done. Add the roll and walk to finish.

    Grip discipline will nullify this attack before it is even launched. Wrestlers with minimal gi work are good test dummies for this.

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