5x5 or Never Gymless


Jan 23, 2008
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For someone interested in increasing boxing/wrestling strength and conditioning which would you guys suggest?

Take in mind I am a full-time student who wants to "train" on the side as a hobby.
Why have you put 'train' ?

If its strength work for strength work, 5*5

If its conditioning and sport specific strength, ross
No 5x5 routine I've seen takes into account conditioning, so...Never Gymless, if you insist on following a cookie-cutter routine.
Infinite intensity.

Ding ding. You get strength work, lots of conditioning...all in a convenient package for you to digest.

If you insist on using one thing over another, II is it.
Infinite Intensity goes into why you need to train multiple aspects to be a fighter. You don't limit yourself to just one or the other.
While I agree, II is a bit more than "working out on the side".

Not necessarily as it is still geared towards short, intense sessions that can fit into the routine of a combat athlete without burning you out.

5X5 takes up a LOT of time per session and could leave you feeling very burned out for skill sessions.
I gotta be honest, since I shortened my sessions to a half hour, I've felt a lot less bogged down... maybe 5x5 and an hour of heavy lifting isn't the way to go after all... wait... uhh... I mean....
Its okay. You can say that here. Just don't take that shit to S&P.
hey can someone send me to a schedule of the 5x5 i see it talked about alot on here and wouldent mind checking it out. or can some please explain.
Its okay. You can say that here. Just don't take that shit to S&P.

That kind of shit would fuck up my reputation in there for sure. As it stands, I haven't logged in a traditional heavy lifting day in months as it is.