5 yr old hitting mitt O_O

jeez, how the hell does a five year old even balance himself like that, let alone punch and dip with his legs. They must have that baby on some crack!
my god...
that kid is going to be a machine by 16.
reminiscent of the 3-10 year old fighters, training over in thailand.
Wow, I suddenly feel clumsy with my mitt work...
Don't worry, child prodigys likely grow up to be emotionally scarred hookers.

Knowing a few parlour tricks does not a winner make.
i feel weak all of sudden.
like my years and years of training mean absoloutley nothing..
Wholly... wow. That kid doesn't even look real.

LOL serio homes. He looks computer animated. I looked at that kid and it immediately reminded me of that dancing baby gif that was so popular when the internets first came out. lemme try and go find it.
I call midget!!

Seriously though, it's easy to mold kids into whatever you want. For proof just look up Little Hercules Richard Sandrak




The same goes for making "Child Geniuses" Children are moldable lumps of clay and with the proper training can be pretty much anything. Because they are built to learn, Physically & Mentally.

Scientists say if adult minds learned like child minds, we'd be a society of super geniuses.

Vote Obama!
That is pretty badass. I'm impressed by his consistency, not just his amazing speed. He looks tireless in those motions.

Let's hope he doesn't beat kids up at school.
Damn. At first i even thought that the video was edited and the sequences where he throws punches were put in x2 or x3 speed. That kid is impressive.