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5 year old hitting the mitts


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Jun 30, 2007
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Here is a 5 year old kid working his boxing, I apologize if its been posted before, and I know the mods are pretty good at regulating the boxing forum (more intelligent discussion going on here than the plethora of trolls in the heavyweights), so if it has feel free to delete this thread mods. I didn'nt know if I should post this in the standup forum or here, but I figured you guys would appreciate it more...he looks pretty sharp for a 5 year old, but than again I havent seen alot of 5 year olds working the mitts. Is this kid amazingly good for a 5 year old, or have I just not seen alot of 5 year olds training?

that kid is nuts, he hits the mitts better than i do, but that's not saying much lol

too bad we cant look into the future to see what kind of pro career he will have, if thats the path he's gonna take, forced or not..
that 10 punch + combo is amazing, I wish I got into boxing earlier
its the sort of thing when u start that young u have a chance to be not just great, but once in a lifetime great
HOLY SHIZ!!!! that kid is NUTS, great find.
Hopefully he doesn't get burnt out as he gets older. Impressive video