4000 calories= this much ?

Ivica Truscek

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Mar 14, 2004
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is this right ?

4000 calories
30% protein= 300 g
60% carbs= 600g
10% fat= 44g

chiken breasts= 20% protein
300 g protein = 1500 g of chiken breasts

rice= 70% carbs
600g carbs= 857 g of rice

olive oil= 99% fat
44 g fat=45 g of olive oil
(not calculating the fat from meat above)
yeah thats pretty right, but why don't go to 60-20-20 ? (asuming your an athlete/sportsman) 60 % carbs, 20 prot, 20 fat !
what's your goal with this diet ? what's your sport ?
Yeah, I agree, I'd up the fat even if you didn't down the protein.

And 600g carbs is the most you'll need in a day, even if you up the calories. That's something of an upper threshold for repleting glycogen stores.