4 day training program for a beginner

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    My buddy is starting to lift again now and so hes asking me to give him a bit of a hand. Here are my thoughts. I'd appreciate any critisism, but please, don't bother posting some useless shit that doesn't help anyone.

    Monday: Deadlift
    Tuesday: Off
    Wednesday: Olympic Lifts*
    Friday: Squat
    Saturday: Bench
    Sunday: Off

    *Olympic Lifts are structured with probably a 5x5 approach with either Clean and Jerk or Snatch and then two other exercises of whateer the hell you feel like. Squat Press, Overhead Squat, Push Press, Split Jerk, High Pulls, etc.

    The "Big Three" days will be structured as 3x5 have other assistance exercises added to them. Bench days for instance will have Incline Presses and maybe Parrellel Bar Dips. Deadlift days will have Pull Ups and Barbell Rows, maybe some Hammer Curls and Leg curls added to Deadlift and Squat days to keep muscle imbalances from occuring.

    Technically, my buddy asked me for my training program when I started. That was the 4x10 bench press 6 days a week routine, which I'll spare him. I haven't made beginner routines in a long time as I didn't really understand much anything about training until I broke the BW/2xBW/2xBW BP/DL/SQ mark (not quite but was very close at the time).

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