3-4 hour training sessions. WHAT TO EAT???


Jul 24, 2005
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Im training 3-4 hours straight at night.. from 5:00-9:00 some times
Wondering if there are things i can eat or drink in between classes that will digest fast but keep my energy up and help fight over training...

Im afriad to eat anything that is going to make me heavy or sick. I only have about 5 minutes between training that maybe i could scarf down something or drink a little something.

I was thinking of getting some cytosport or something similar to drink throughout class, or maybe just gatorade between..

Is there things i could eat prior to class that will also not be to heavy but provide energy to train throught he night.

I get off of work at 4:00 and then have to drive home.. get there around 4:45.. then straight to the gym.. class starts at 5:30 Goes till 7:00 then the next class starts. and goes till 9:00

Not training twice is not an option..
what kinda break down are we talking here

Are you doing weights primarily in the gym and technique and/or cardio in the 'classes'

What kinda 'classes' are they. MT, Karate, some kinda winky wanky woo MA?

I would say eat a lot at breakfast and 4 hours before training and some thing 2 hours before the gym, but after then I would have to know what you do during training
also interested in this, ill tell you what i've learned so far. Sipping somekind of sports drink like gatorade, helps ALOT, or atleast in my case it does. I'd def. try that out, drink some during and after your mma training. Eating a good sized breakfast is really important, and get some quality carbs in for your lunch - dont eat anything 2 hrs up until your training.
Im training BJJ... if you look at my sig i thought it was obvious.

Training both technique and rolling..

I did it tonight and it wasnt so bad.. Just ate at 4:00 then went at 5:30 untill 9:00... Keeping hydrated has been helping me more than anything else. Next time im going to pick up some cyto sport or gatorade though.