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May 25, 2003
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i am wondering if anyone else uses this when they grapple, i know i do comming from a wrestling background and find it to be quite effective, any thoughts on this possition in terms of your BJJ,Judo experiance
2 on 1 is a killer in BJJ unless you have a vicious knee on belly for your level or are much better than the others.
try catch
I believe he is referring to 2 hands controlling 1 opponent's hand. At least that's what 2 on 1 meant in wrestling. I think 2 on 1 has its place for some techniques but not others. Aren't all arm locks 2 on 1 really?
2 on 1, having two hands on one arm, with pressure on their shoulder,

if you have 2on1 on their left arm, your left hand in on their wrist, and right hand on their tricep with your shoulder pushing on theirs, ill try to find a pic
Fit for grappling, but not for SD. the other guy's other arm will pulmett u
The 2 on 1/Russian tie was one of my favorite ties in wrestling. It's very easy to control your opponent with one, it's hard for them to generate offense, and as a result of these two it frustrates people into making mistakes. It works in BJJ, I used it in a tournament this past weekend in the form of a keylock throw.
Randy Couture shows some cool stuff using a 2 on 1 looking at grappling from a wrestlers perspective.

-thats in his video btw.
I really could have used the 2on1 in my last match at the tournament yesterday.

I need to start practicing this move more often.
SD for self defence. the other will just keep hitting u.