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***2024 NBA Thread - Let The Games Begin***

Mike Conley has always been underrated. Would love to see him win a title.
Outside of that 90 footer from ANT he cant hit a fucking 3 to save his life tonight
My boy Hardy trying to contribute, 4 assists in 6 minutes. I would much rather see Hardy playing right now than Exum. Hardy at least has some raw talent.
Someone take Josh Green out to the woods right now. Dude blew that absurd dime from Luka.
Ant can't buy a bucket but he's doing a lot of good in other ways.
Minny with a ton of contact on Kyrie. No foul. Got damn are these refs shieeeet.
Mavericks are beginning to impose their will on this game. Its going to be a helluva series no matter who wins tonight.