2012 Mayberry Awards: Most Interesting/Significant Contributor


Turtle Power
Jul 6, 2009
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Welcome to The 2012 Sherdog Mayberry Posting Award Ceremony!

We're here to honor those awesome, and maybe not so awesome, posters and threads here on Sherdog that really stand out from the rest of the pack for one reason or another.

So let's continue with the:

Most Interesting/Significant Contributor

Here's the list of nominees...


Just from what I know off the top of my head, and what little searching I can do on Google (search function is still down for me)...

An awesome, awesome source for movie related news. I check his threads all the time for movie related stuff.

Seems to be a published writer that has offered help to anyone aspiring to be one as well, which is awesome.

Zookeeper Gabe:
Those animal threads are always awesome, and seems to be a very knowledgeable person when it comes to animals in general, being a zookeeper and all.

Seems to make a bunch of very interesting top 10 lists, filled with pretty awesome info including much stuff I didn't know.

Seems to run the Anime/Manga threads, which I wouldn't know anything about cause I don't like anime. But, the threads are pretty huge and are probably great for anime discussion.
Dragonlord, with Gabe a close second.

Haven't really run into the others so can't comment.
Do you like dragon ?
Cause ima be dragon these nuts across your face
First off BjjNinja I wanted to say these threads are awesome and you must bust your ass making them. Well done sir. Also it's pretty awesome to be recognized for this but I feel any answer besides Dragonlord is the wrong answer. I'll keep making Keeper threads as long as there's interest. Cheers

Edit-lol at destructive.
All great posters but Dragonlord contributes to sherdog like it's a full time job.
Dragon for being an '09. Other than that I don't know what he's ever contributed. :cool:
Voted for gabe.
I know Dragon takes this by a landslide but I hope that doesn't make the other nominees feel any less highly regarded. If you're on this list, you've not only been noticed (which is something I have yet to pull off, apparently) but extensively appreciated.

Thanks again NINJA.
I love movies. I used to go to movie websites for news. I don't anymore. That's cuz DragonLordX.
Came down to Dragon and Gabe ultimately, seems I post on a lot of Dragon's threads so he took the vote.
I went with Gabe.

TCE has had some great OPs but Gabe is always around for any question even if Sam Adams sucks...

Dragonlord is always getting me hyped for movies that are a year away!!!!

I want the Expendables 3 now damnit!!
I don't go to bed until I've checked the movie notes and news thread!