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2012 Mayberry Awards: Most Hilarious Poster


Turtle Power
Jul 6, 2009
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Welcome to The 2012 Sherdog Mayberry Posting Award Ceremony!

We're here to honor those awesome, and maybe not so awesome, posters and threads here on Sherdog that really stand out from the rest of the pack for one reason or another.

So let's continue with the:

Most Hilarious POSTER

Here's the list of nominees...

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I'd like to see some examples of their hilarious posts..

Yeah, the guys were nominated but I personally don't know any examples. I'm sure their funny, but the damn search function still doesn't work so there wasn't much I could do.
However, thebluerider has an awesome AV, and someone with an AV that awesome has to have a sense of humor.
I vote big sissy even tho somtimes i find him funny and other times hes not. In that thread where buddy was selling his homemade porn to his friend he was killing it
Tbh most of their quips are so contextual it would be difficult to provide examples that preserve their hilarity. Particularly those times when bluerider or fucking Zer jump in mid-thread with a one-liner that takes me off guard. Gotta love these guys.

I don't even know who I'm gonna vote for. I think I'll take Zer this time around and give Sissy the most improved when the time comes.
How come Three Gun Fish isn't on the list?
How come Three Gun Fish isn't on the list?

Three Gun was nominated most frequently for style and best poster, so you'll see him on some lists coming up.

I think the right people were nominated, 'cept maybe Nnedd who I put up in the beginning but who got no nominations other than that lol. Guess only I find him funny.

EDIT: and Kadafi, apparently.

(Hey, I just read gorillas have inordinately small penises?? WAT)
TGF, don't come into a thread about funny posters where people are calling for your coronation, and then get that quote wrong. Wrong!

Edit - hahahahahahahaha. Nevermind. I had the quote wrong. Because I am stupid. You are wonderful. Disregard.
I hated thebluerider to start. I thought he was a dick. It was actually TGF who convinced me that he was worth reading for laughs.
thebluerider and TGF aren't the same person?

I still don't believe it.