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2005 weight gain.


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Aug 11, 2004
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Did any of you pack on lbs? I gained about 20 doing mostly 5 reps per exercise.
I only gained 4-5lbs but I also leaned out a bit which I'm happy with. I'm about to break 200lbs and will be at 208 by the end of the year.
I pretty much stayed the same.
I put on about 35 pounds while maintaining decent body fat levels. I'm weighing between 200 and 208 lately.
I put on about 8lbs after starting a 3 day split in September.

On a side note, the public gyms in Japan re-open tomorrow! I am f**king raring to go! It's been three weeks since I deadlifted any real weight. I am so looking forward to this!
started year 175lb late summer 185lb, late fall 195lb , now i've dropped some fat back down to 180lb.

for now i plan on maintaining 180lb while loosing bodyfat, and later this year maybe moving up to 190- 195 keeping the same leaness. i'm finaly cleaning up my diet and balancing out my carbs/protiens and fats to maintain metabolic progress. it's a much slower way to gain weight, but it's all clean muscle

i have high hopes for putting on mass in my forearms and calves this year, not just for asthetics but mostly for more power connecting me to the ground and what ever i grab
2005 was the year of the knee injury, so a ton of weight gain.

Around 15 muscle and 20 fat :(

2006 is year of eat better and do some friggan cardio...
I gained a couple pounds, but heck! THAT"S WHAT I"VE BEEN TRYING TO DO! lol. Just joking around. I've been having the toughest time gaining any weight, and I really didn't start trying that hard until late int the year, so those couple pounds were hard to come by. My routine (eating/training) didn't change all that much over the holidays, other than not going to my MA classes that much. I'm making a resolution to train harder than ever, weights, fighting, and conditioning...starting tomorrow... :redface:
I gained about 15 pounds of muscle...but I'm still a skinny fuck...
AxeGrinder said:
I gained about 15 pounds of muscle...but I'm still a skinny fuck...

Good work man!! Keep it up and you will be a monster in your weightclass if you ever want to compete in anything..:)
krellik said:
Good work man!! Keep it up and you will be a monster in your weightclass if you ever want to compete in anything..:)

yeah, thanks...
I gained about 20 pounds since august, being 245 now.
I plan on being maybe 255 by march/April, then cut back down to 230 by august 06.
I have put on 12pds, my waist got a little bigger, but so what, I wanted to get bigger and stronger and I did, so I am happy:))
Yea, went from 153 to 178 with actually less body fat. Working and training everyday man. Feels good, even tho i dont look "huge" or super cut im physically stonger than about 99% my size.
trying to gain some mass, started training two months ago, cant see some progress accept in strebght and maybe bigger arms and shoulders but my weight is still the same, thinking about bying some proteinshakes, im about 168-170 lb right now.
I fluctuated up and down. Started the year at 235, leaned way out and got down to about 220, worked back up to about 238, got injured a 3 weeks ago and am back down to 228. Oh well.
I gained about 7 pound of solid muscle in 2005. Just by lifting and eating right. I need to cut down on the beer or im going to get a gut.
I lost about 30 pounds of unwanted weight that magically appeared around my midsection a couple of years after I graduated from college and took a job that chained me to a desk. Another 10 pounds and I'll weigh what I did as a senior in HS, when I was playing sports year round.

Once I lose those 10 pounds THEN I'll worry about putting on some solid weight.
I gained about 15lbs over winter break which is a long 6 weeks for us at school. By lifting, eating, and took no- explode. I went from about 165 to 180. I was underweight going into break from not lifting for about 5 weeks and drinking a bunch of coffee trying to stay up for school. I also had ankle sugery but was able to do leg presses and machines with my boot on. Im back to squating now finally and trying to catch up with the rest of my body.