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2 questions...about bjj


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Jan 18, 2003
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1,first up a new school is opening up here in socal with Marcel Louzado the head instructor. Ive read some on him, i was just wondering what ya'll new about him and his bjj skill
2. Does anyone else here bruise up pretty easily? I went for 2 wrestling classes and wound up with a bunch of huge bruises.....ive always been prone to them but this is ridiculous.....does anyone who's prone to them have anything to recomend to take to stop this?

p.s anyone wear a cup for bjj practice?
i think if you have more iron in your blood you get less bruises also a cup is a matter of preference
I took a knee to the nuts on my second class...never going without a cup ever again.
wearing a cup is a personal preference... everyone bruises easily when they start.
WEar a cup. Especially when there are classes where you do alot of guard passing. you will need it.
I always wore a cup to start off. Now I don't rock a cup when rolling with the Gi, but no gi i always wear one.
Wear a cup. Your nuts and reproductive future are worth it. Bruising could be that your a noob or a physical disorder - have you ever had problem before?
first day of training i didnt wear a cup, borrowed a gi because i didnt bring mine.. lets just say by the end of class my neck was sore, and my knees felt like a big rug burn on each one. And when i practiced hip escapes and arm bars my balls were being squished.. from then on i decided CUP is the way to go.
i wear a cup and would recommend it, ive tried to hold someones legs down and jump pass before and landed pretty good on my junk, not fun, im not too familliar with him, but i can tell you everyone bruises, just hope you catch a nice, accidental elbow to your face and get a sweet blackeye, i had one for my passport photos :)
I alsways wear a cup and compression shorts.

With respect to the bruising, are you supplementing with fish oil or eating alot of coldwater fish like salmon, etc?

This diet will thin your blood and promote bruising more easily.
I find that I bruise a lot less than when I fist started out. Does your body really adapt to bruising? I'm guessing that I roll with less noobish people now, who concentrate more on technique and less on squeezing you.
I bruised easily when I first started. Also you're forearms will be blitzed and you probably won't be able to completely straighten your arm without some discomfort. You're body will get used to it. You'll start seeing less bruises etc. But you'll still get bruises and Mat Burn from time to time. But it deff won't be as bad.

A cup is a good idea. I don't always wear one but there are deff times I wish I had that day. You should try one or two diff types. Wearing a cup most likely won't be comfortable at first but you'll most likely get used to it.
I think I agree with diet on the bruise issue.

Sometimes a keep to a vegan diet and the very colourful bruises show up. When i go back to veg/fish diet not so much.
When I first started out I had lots of bruises, but I think my skin adapted to it and i get them much less now. But if you have an iron defficiency that may be a different deal there.
I wear a cup. Shockdoctor makes one of those compression shorts/cup combos --i like that one personally but everyone has their own preference. I really don't like rolling without one.

My skin is pretty light so yeah --my legs bruise up pretty bad. --I guess you could get a tan --maybe that would help?

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