1st ammy muay thai - 3 days notice...

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by GoatyP, May 27, 2014.

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    So last month, I was told I would be fighting on the 15th and I started to train diligently. Then I was told that the promotion got postponed to the 31st. Then a week into May, I was told that my opponent dropped out. So, I pretty much stopped training and partied it up until this past Monday when I got a call saying I have to fight. My teammate got injured and I have to take his place at 165 but I weigh 162 and should be fighting at 155/160 tops.

    I don't really want to fight cause I'm not in the best condition. I told my coach this but he says it's not a problem and I should be fine. Still, in my mind, it's really hard to get mentally prepared. I have no idea who I am fighting or what his record is since I am filling in for someone who already had a fight.

    Any words of wisdom or tips in general? I fight this Saturday :(
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    Your jimmies are SOOOOO rustled right now.

    and that's OK.

    You need to feed off this energy in a positive way. You're only as prepared as you'll ever be. I'd do one more day of light sparring and then rest and stretch for the 2 following up to the fight.

    Nerves and tightness are going to kill your already compensated stamina, so spend your two days leading up to the fight paying attention to your body and intentionally relaxing it. Then do some very, very light; very, very relaxed shadowboxing just to work your mind.

    Chances are you're going to lose, and that's OK too. You're in there to learn, and to enjoy the challenge of overcoming your opponent. So put your sense of embarrassment and pride away and just get measured. If you come up short, you don't sound like you'll be that surprised... just push to expend every trick and technique you have.

    This is why you started training. You belong in the ring.

    EDIT: Have a small cup of coffee a couple hours before your fight. It wakes the brain up and raises your threshold for endurance activities.
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    Training's a full time thing. You'll soon learn that there's no training diligently only when you think you're going to fight. You always have to be ready.

    One day you decide to party, and the next day your trainer is telling you you're going to fight or spar so and so. Just go in and try not to get your ass kicked, and learn from it. Or not.

    If you're not serious about fighting, just drop out of the bout. Why potentially get hurt?
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    avoid the stupid drunk stuff. stay in shape at all time. :)

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