1997 Vale Tudo

Rory McDonell

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Apr 3, 2005
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I was watching an old Vale Tudo tournament from 1997 on the fight network the other night, and saw two interesting things. First, a young and skinny Wanderlei Silva went two and one, losing in the final via cut.

The second thing I saw was a guy named Cristian Quezada tap out while mounted for no apparent reason. I looked it up on the fight finder, and evidentally no one else could figure out why either. It seems it was a trend with this guy

I feel sorry for Wanderlei. The cut was bad, but they let him fight for several minutes, so I think they should've let him finish the fight.
About Cristian Quezada, that's just weird. Maybe he knows he's gonna take some blows when being mounted and he's afraid of punches and/or damaging his pretty face?
lol, if you're tapping out because you're anticipating getting hit in the face, maybe MMA isn't the right sport