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16 Oz Gloves Top Ten Superfight

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Reviews' started by brucelee, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. brucelee The King of Nunchaku

    Jun 6, 2018
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    It's been exactly 7 months since I got my new Top Ten gloves. I have been using them for punching bag and shadow boxing. Yeah, I figured using them during the shadowbox warmup routine will give me better conditioning for my arms and shoulders. So far I have managed to workout 4 to 5 times a week and increased my workout from 5 rounds at the start to 12 rounds, now. I do 3 rounds warmup shadow boxing, 6 to 8 rounds on the heavy bag and 2 or 3 cool down shadowbox at the end to keep the steam going before I head over to Dunkin Donuts for a treat.


    The strongest feature of the 16 Oz TopTens is their padding. It is safe and strong. It's located right in front of the knuckles. It makes punching hard a lot of fun.

    I chose the 16 Oz gloves for two reasons: First I like the additional padding as a safety feature to protect my hands. I am over 50 and there is no need for me to be tough like a gangster. Second I like the added weight to get better conditioning from keeping my hands up. My choice for Top Ten over other brands was because of the quality of their padding. They were proven in many scientific lab tests that their padding is long lasting an high shock absorbing and they constantly scored the best results at AIBA test. I tried some alternatives like Yokkao, Century and Twins, Everlast and King, but none of them came close to the good fit I had with the Top Ten Superfight gloves. I also tried some other Top Ten models like the Heritage series, but picked Superfight because they did fit my handsize more comfortably.

    The padding of the 16 Oz sparring gloves felt a bit stiff at the beginning and it took a bit of an effort to clench a full fist, but that feeling went away after about three days. From what the manufacturer is telling the polyurethane padding made from Bayfill material dampens impact by circulating air between small bubbles that are interconnected with each other inside the material. In brand new condition the material is stiffer because some of the bubbles are closed and the membranes in between them need to pop. Once the gloves are worn in I felt very comfortable and safe. Since I workout by myself I like to have velcro straps. Superfight has 2 of them. It is easy to slide in and strap them on. The second strap allows me to adjust tightness on the wrist for support. It's a good idea for additional wrist stabilization. I understand some people may not like that feature.

    After 6 months of use there is no trace of tear and wear. They still look like new. My girlfriend tells me that she thinks the surface area of the leather is a bit rougher on the target area than on the rest of the glove. She might be right, but that is just a little. Maybe 2% difference. So far I have not used any care products and I won't use any unless I see some signs of aging. Old school. The padding is still working like in a brand new sparring glove.


    The glove has a few holes in the middle of the palm for ventilation. Since I use handwraps most of my sweat is absorbed by bandages. The gloves feel normal with the leather rather on the cool than on the hot side.

    After each workout I place the gloves with open velcros and upside down on a table or stool to dry out on the fresh air. Wearing bandages keeps the penetration with sweat at low levels, but they still get pretty soaked. I live in Florida and lack of air condition makes me transpire even more. I may not be a pro in his prime, but I bang the bags pretty hard. Depending on the gym that I went to I used regular heavy bags from Title, Everlast, Aquabags and I think UFC. Over the past 3 weeks I have been visiting Bangkok in Thailand where I sparred with a Sandee punching bag. Over here in Thailand the heavy bags are pretty bad and don't compare to the good quality of US boxing gyms. I wish I could find a good boxing gym in Bangkok.

    Overall I love the experience with 16 Oz sparring gloves for training and heavybag workout. I feel more strength in my posture, my shoulders and arms are firmer. I have no pain in my hands and don't feel hurt when I punch. I never had to slow down.

    The Top Ten Superfight models is exactly the working horse I need and I expect it to last for some time, maybe 2 or 3 years before the leather wears down. I think the padding will work a lot longer. I still have some Top Ten bag gloves from the 1990s laying around my mom's attic. They are still in mint condition.
    I hope my review is helpful to you guys. The shop I bought my gloves from was Fighters Inc. in Ormond Beach, FL. They say that they are the official Top Ten Distributor for USA and Canada.
    Here is a link to the product: 16 Oz Boxing Gloves Top Ten


    Inside materials are sweat resistant lining and velour. The stitching doesn't look that aesthetically beautiful, but it's doing its job and holds the gloves together as it should. It\'s easy to slide inside with my hands. I would say they are a perfect match for average hands.


    The double velcro straps are helpful to fine tune wrist support for those training alone. I got used to it quickly and like it.

    The craftsmanship is decent. Maybe not as good as luxury gloves from Japan or Mexico, but its firm and there is not much to complain about.
  2. brucelee The King of Nunchaku

    Jun 6, 2018
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    No review of 16 Oz gloves would be complete without the image on the scale. One glove weights 469 gr. That's slightly above the 16 Oz mark.


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