#1 ranked volleyball team in US 15 and under years old


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May 21, 2007
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I played volleyball growing up. I never was that good but found it a fun sport. I have always wondered what would happen if NBA basketball type of guys tried to play. They would change the sport because I don't think the top athletes are playing volleyball. There are good athletes but I think there are better athletes out there.

Last weekend was a big volleyball tournament for junior teams to qualify for Junior Nationals. I found highlights of the under 15 team. These guys are good.

U15 volleyball games in the Mayberry? Some of us have parole officers to worry about brah
It is the top guys team in the US 15 and under.
Shouldn't this be in the Sports forum or do the Mods not consider Volleyball a sport.
Im not a fan of Penn State Athletics.
I bet they have fun with their young ages like most did. Good for them being good at something other than than being stupid.
This guy might be as big of a creep as cinturao.
They actually have guy's volleyball? That sounds a little romo to me.

I will check back later to see all the peds comments.
In Hawaii, California and Puerto Rico men and women play volleyball.

I don't know why it is mostly a sport for girls in other areas.

It is an athletic sport that requires jumping, team work, quickness, a good amount hand eye coordination. You need a good amount of endurance too since the players have to jump or move many times throughout a match.

It is also a lot more entertaining to watch than say soccer imo.
I'll agree with you on that. Soccer is the most boring sport imaginable. I would rather watch baseball.

If I ever played the Volleyball, I would want to do the 2 on 2 beach volleyball. That seems pretty cool, imo.
Agreed. Beach is a better game.

Imagine being the high school coach watching two of your former players play against each other for a gold medal. The coach at Newport Harbor watched Misty May play against April Ross for the gold medal this past Olympics.
maybe the best volley ball video i've ever seen. it's the also the only one i've seen. jk i didn't watch it.