“Words alone” are no reason to kill, Man gets 10 years for punching woman over N-word

Discussion in 'The War Room' started by TidWell, Apr 3, 2018.

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    I think intent to kill is important and the expectation of the aggressive action.

    For example if i shove you and you trip, and hit the back of your head and die, its going to be manslaughter because its not really common for a shove to be deadly.
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    Don't get me wrong. I believe the charge to be just. It's just that I'm against the idea of a justifiable argument for physical assault due to mere insult.
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    Did you make that avatar for me?

    That's cute.
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    Like I said earlier in the thread, 10 years sounds right. I've seen people get less for more drastic actions, albeit in different circumstances. This also should be a warning to people who have cheered on other guys punching women.

    A lot of people on here were just tickled to see that white supremacist guy punch that Antifa girl in the face. It is interesting to see how different the reaction is when the man is not a white supremacist and actually knows how to throw a punch. There are actually people in here calling for the death penalty. It's all fun and games when the assault is by some dweeb, but punching people is very dangerous if you throw a decent punch. I think everyone should be happy that all those Antifa and proud boi brawls are basically a bunch of uncoordinated societal rejects, or this kind of result would be more common.

    Also, im sure a BAC of .35 certainly did not help her brain take that impact any better. That is incredibly drunk.
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    still just a word.
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    Are you talking about the girl in the riot with the bottle?
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    They’ve established a tolerance level that would have everyone commenting on this slipping into a coma but it’s how they start their day. The human body is unbelievable when you think about how resilient it can be, and at the same time how easy it is to destroy.
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    I'm very lucky then. I never knew about this connotation for goof until very recently (thanks Sherdog!). Growing up we used it all the time just to mean goofy like the Disney character. I lived in Nova Scotia for about 10 years or so. I guess it didn't come up or I'd have likely gotten punched out having no idea what I did wrong LOL

    So, I read the whole thread. Some people just love to make shit up. It seems apparent that the mitigating circumstances were not the use of the n-word, but the accused's apparent remorse (along with confessing) and the woman's high blood alcohol level, and that while they decided there was intent, it doesn't appear to be with any great conviction (forgive the pun). Also, to characterize the people ITT who think the 10 year sentence is approximately appropriate, as defending the guy hitting the woman, go learn what words mean, honest to fuck. You don't have time for Sherdog.

    No one is saying this guy should have gotten off. Reasonable people, however, can disagree on the length of the sentence. It seems to me to be roughly in line with sentencing in lots of different areas (I looked) considering the circumstances. I agree penalties for crimes that result in death seem like they are more lenient than I would like, but the 10 year sentence in this case appears to be in line with established case law so it is appropriate. If there's ever a case where you're convicted of Murder-2 yet deserve the minimum sentence, this seems to be one.
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