Social “Whatever the circumstance, health wise you are financially better off with ObamaCare" - N. Pelosi

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    Health care wasn't a human right in the past because health care didn't exist and it's value was limited. The best doctors killed at least 2-3 presidents for example, by accident. Medicine being able to save lives is new and it's status as a human right could not have predated it's existence cause for all practical purposes doctors have only existed for 100-150 years. Saying that people before didn't consider it a human right is irrelevant because it basically didn't exist out of amputations etc.

    Health is not risk based. They are correlations between healthy lifestyles and health outcomes but they are nowhere near absolute nor do they apply to everything. If there was an absolute correlation between risk and health outcomes, health insurance would be murder and also healthcare costs would not be rising at many times the pace of inflation cause you can't control outcomes. You should be angry at insurers and wanting to get back that money rather than hurting other people cause you want them to share the pain. Same logic applies to people working for a living, don't bring people down with you, everyone should go up.

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