Usage for hash tag: wagwan

  1. Jackonfire

    Media McGregor about to save hip-hop

    I hear but can't confirm that @PaddyO'malley is Conor's ghost writer. Dude's got some bars though, that I can confirm. #wagwan
  2. PaddyO'malley

    Media Ian Garry update on Colby fight

    Bro makin power moves di 6ixdog mandem just ain't woke to di #wagwan Colby want it but bro ain't have it
  3. PaddyO'malley

    THANK YOU Josie Aldo

    Yo did the trans-lator miss dat or sumthin' maybe TS Brazilian fam he know di #wagwan If so good for him fam fr tho kinda unexpected ngl 🙏🏽👆🏽
  4. PaddyO'malley

    Media Alex Pereira Challenges Anthony Smith To Grappling Match For 50k After "One-Dimensional" Comments

    Damn fam his English sounding clean fam good for him fr tho 🙏☝️ who taught him bet it was Chael which one of you journo mandem kno di #wagwan 📰
  5. PaddyO'malley

    Media William Gomis on deaths doorstep from cutting weight - *Edit: Fight has been Cancelled conversion too no lie fam 🚫🧢🧢But yo there's this app on your phone dem call it calculator works bless fam just multiply KG by 2.2 for LB you'll nail it next time swear down u kno di #wagwan now 🤬👇🏽 Mans prolly did 2.5 in his head thought he didn't make weight good on him styll for real tho💪🏽
  6. PaddyO'malley

    News Undefeated Prospect Nyamjargal Tumendemberel Set for Short-Notice Debut at UFC 302 Against Andre Lima

    #blessup fam u too 🙏☝️ Mans like u stay woke to di #wagwan now ting 🔥 Weather blessed sun hot prolly haffi run or lick a workout pon di StronKube later wallahi iono 👋💥◼️ 6ixdog mandem deh 'bout chat pure badmind 'bout dat TDot talk mans just coolin' styll 🧊 See u at church my yute keep it 100...
  7. PaddyO'malley

    Media Elite MMA Journalist Drama Nina Grills Jiri from UFC 300 and Other UFC Mandem with the Hard-Hitting Qs

    ...since mandem been inda game longer mandem iz yutes but old headz at da same tayum 👴👵 dey also be takin kneez outta respect on knockdown ain't no egos just buckin' We inda Pride vs UFC era with slaps mad lit fam stay woke to da #wagwan
  8. PaddyO'malley

    Television My GF is on TV

    Nah das blood elf fam prolly pally or priest gyaldem always on healz iono why fam you know da #wagwan tho maybe even drood
  9. PaddyO'malley

    Rumored Is it just me, or are Sherbros improving?

    Ah dam forgot bro got me on ignore lol he ain't finna read it all good tho mandem know da #wagwan now sum1 hit bro up let him know tho thanks fam 🐻🥰
  10. PaddyO'malley

    Spitting Sherdog Verses

    Yo, yo, yo, 6ixdog stand up, we got some spittin' aboot to go down.... ...straight outta Torono, let's get it fam.... you know the #wagwan.... First up we got Fenxian Nicest guy in the 6ix No flexin' str8 respectin Even send u feet pix Then there’s my guy Toasty Buddy be vibin widda flows...
  11. PaddyO'malley

    I'm a little surprised at how unpopular certain guys were at the press conference.

    🗣️📠🚫🖨️ Bro just playing the hand he was dealt my guy just to good a prospect ain't his fault 💯 Water cooler drama in the scrap game u know the #wagwan 💦🐄🐮
  12. PaddyO'malley

    Dana White shares info about 300

    #PowerSlap mandem got BANDZ fam u ain't even know the #wagwan u a str8 h8r fam don't like success I see thru u like great value clear tape my guy all due respect 💯🚫🐮
  13. PaddyO'malley

    Media Pereira surpasses Francis on the PowerKube

    All due respect fam Pereira hit widda force of 1.5 Ngannou ting lit u ain't know what u talking aboot str8 up fam ain't know da #wagwan 🗣️📠 Jamahill buck 'em both same night same rd both slump over on the fence snoozing like bucktees on da TTC bus LMFAOL 😴💤#Trust no beef tho fam we good 💯🚫🐮
  14. PaddyO'malley

    Media NEW Francis Ngannou interview

    ...harder iono prolly finna go headz up on my StronKube fam see who really buck the hardest prolly be me tho ngl my yute Big Mac taught me da #wagwan on dat🦌🦌🦌 Aside from throwing hands, Ngannou's all in on promoting boxing in Cameroon 🥊 and lifting up da yute mans talks aboot his plans for...
  15. PaddyO'malley

    The narrative that Gaethje v Holloway is a pointless fight is incredibly dumb

    Mod-dem move dis ting to da H8 Dungeon sub too much h8n #wagwan widda heavies these day hoooly.... 🙉🙈🙊
  16. PaddyO'malley

    Media #moicano300goat

    Autocorrect str8 h8n fam ain't down with the #wagwan
  17. PaddyO'malley

    Could the h-bomb be the counter for guard pullers?

    Gotta set it up fam like in da endz point in one direction like "yo what's that fam" den crack em from another dude be snorin' quick fam ain't know what hittem u know the #wagwan 😴 💤
  18. PaddyO'malley

    Media Pereira surpasses Francis on the PowerKube

    Exactly fam u know the #wagwan High key I tink reason dey ain't call me for #PowerSlap 7 is UFC brassdem want Poatan holdin dat #1 spot🏅🥇ain't tryna have mans walk in da octagon feelin' defeated messin wid his game n all dat so I completely understand Poatan deserve dis be real good for his...
  19. PaddyO'malley

    Media Pereira surpasses Francis on the PowerKube

    Yeah fam sumtayum speech to text don't get it right tho so mans gotta retype some part u know the #wagwan