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    You just bought the WWE from the McMahons. What changes do you immediately make?

    -Merge the world titles for good.
    -Merge rosters
    -Cut Raw from 3 hours to 2 hours.
    -Cut Smackdown to 90 minutes
    -Get rid of MITB or at least change the concept
    -Go to set monthly special schedule
    January: Royal Rumble
    February: Superbrawl (always SB Sunday)
    March: WrestleMania
    April: One Night Stand
    May: Slamboree
    June: King of the Ring
    July: Great American Bash
    August: SummerSlam
    September: Fall Brawl
    October: Halloween Havok
    November: Survivor Series
    December: Starrcade

    Stop using the same set on every show (minus WM) so they all look and feel special.

    -More stables
    -More managers
    -Push talent?
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  2. Lowmanproblems

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    More adult storylines but makes sure they are more realistic less crazy.
    Long term faction storylines.
    Less commercials in the middle of matches.
    Less Nia Jax in super tight outfits.
    Smack down back to Thursday nights.
    No champs that never appear on tv.
    More managers for the people with weak mic skills.
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  3. warriorscommando

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    Keep HHH
    Fire Steph, Dunn, all the writers
    Hire some old skill and some new skill people to shake up production (everything from top to bottom, from music/lighting/brandinng/cuts/ads)
    Rehire Jon Johnson
    Hire Cornette as advisor
    Cut down Cole
    Throw out the speech bible
    Dump buzzwords
    Renew Talking Smack
    Let the top talent do bullet point promos off the top of their head (not everybody)
    Fuck Twitter and Facebook
    Open NXT Japan
    Cut the Women Revolution BS talk (see below)
    Cut the blatant social media whoring by the female talent
    Fuck the Camel Dictatorship deal
    Fuck Prichard and Conrad
    Run Wembley
    Run Kurakan Hall
    Male wrestlers actual employees
    Give wrestlers stock options
    Get rid of token employees on commentary (maybe put Booker back because he can handle it)
    Have a black man who looks black (unlike Rock) hold the unified world belt
    Call the belt the belt as well as the titled
    Have more crossover with MMA
    Have Cena/Lawler/Austin/Dutch Mantell/Cornette/Ventura/Kenny Bolin/Edge/Sonnen/Barnett/Booker/Hogan do guest color commentary for special events
    Induct a shitload of people into HOF
    Cut down length of PPVs
    Make the Big Four payable extra
    Put up old content that have the rights to but aren’t on the Network
    And on the first day hire and fire Russo just for laughs and giggles at the shock

    And hire Arquette for some role
  4. ProBoxingInsidr

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    Las Vegas
    outlaw the super tight panties many of the guys wear. a good rule of thumb is if the underwear you are wearing beneath your panties can be seen, they might be too small. same rule does not apply for women.

    have ember moon be my personal assistant

    wwe universe, this is romans yard, apex predator, the architect and other such terms shall never be uttered again

    we dont need to see every signature move every single match
  5. The Clinch

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    Dec 4, 2006
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    Fire Steph, Dunn, all the writers.
    Fire Steph, Dunn, all the writers.
    Fire Steph, Dunn, Cole, all the writers.

    Unify the WWE and Universal titles, Universal title is never seen nor heard from again. WWE title travels between shows.
    Unify the Raw and Smackdown Women's Titles. Title travels between shows.
    Unify the Raw and Smackdown Men's Tag Titles. Titles travel between shows.
    Create the Women's Tag Titles. Titles travel between shows.
    Eventually create a secondary Women's title, once enough talent is there.
    Have the US Title and Intercontinental titles on separate shows as they are now, also possessing these titles puts one on the shortlist to challenge for the main strap after a period of time.
    TV Title is brought back, defended only on .. TV. For the lower card wrestlers being elevated to midcard.
    Cruiserweight Title travels between shows.

    Random shit:
    -One 'PPV' a month.
    -Give the talent more creative freedoms and allow them room to improv.
    -Lower level to mid level talent are featured on both shows. Upper level talent has more of a "home show" other than title holders. Realize it's all one organization but maybe viewers don't want to see Braun on both shows or the New Day flinging pancakes twice a week.
    -Either get rid of 205 Live or have it filmed similar to NXT. The talent is there it's just no one really cares about it after being through a Raw/ Smackdown taping. Wrestletalk proposed some solid ideas in regards to 205 Live. Have some CW matches featured on Raw/SD from time to time. Can also feature talent from NXT and vice versa.
    -More managers, more managers, more managers.

    Dump Lesnar.
    Get the King of the Cruiserweights back and happy.
    Need some stables. Like the idea of stables having a main eventer male/female, tag team, cruiser, and lower card guys.
    -Styles, Anderson, and Gallows officially form "The Club".
    -"Balor Club" is never said again. Would maaaaaybe attempt to recreate the Bullet Club with Balor and Samoa Joe. Thought these two worked well in NXT.
    -Have Becky Lynch either join The Club or join up with the Balor and Joe alliance.
    -Have Almas form a damn stable and hope he can somehow recreate the magic of Los Ingobernables. It'd be great if the stable name could be licensed somehow to be able to use in this new WWE.
    -Nikki Cross is in Sanity, as she should be.
    -"The Empire" is formed with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Usos, Naomi, and Nia Jax.
    -Somehow reboot Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan into the Wyatt Family, use Woken ass Matt Hardy as a catalyst if needed. Granted I do like the Bludgeon Brothers more than I thought, but War Machine/Raiders seem to be the blueprint and are just all around better at it. Harper and Rowan could still use each other as props/weapons, but rehillbillyize them. Could possibly still have the Woken stable with the Wyatts and whatnot. It's all weird shit anyways.
    -Get Apollo Crews away from Titus. Either Crews or Buddy Murphy joins up with the Balor and Joe alliance, if Neville can't be $$$d into returning.
    -If Neville returns, put the CW strap back on him but have him actively pursue the US/IC title to prove a point. Once he wins either, he vacates the CW title.
    -Fashion Police get a tag title reign, may as well have No Way Jose join them.
    -Tye Dillenger is forced to get a haircut and have his jacket burned.
    -Bobby Roode and Charlotte form a stable and basically split leadership, hell maybe even Charlotte leads. She has the history and the clout. The Ascension is basically DOA at this point, have the guys ditch the face paint and left over Ministry gear and be the muscle to Charlotte's group.
    -Put Ellering back with the AoP, and have him represent Tony Nese too. AoP are almost a force of nature.
    -Big E gets a push.
    -Rusev gets a push.

    In progress. :p
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  7. Michaelangelo

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    they should be mixing storylines with the divas and men. The mix match challenge had the best storylines with no storylines lol.
  8. Fedorable

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    Aug 11, 2004
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    In your eyes.
    Fedorable vs Alexa Bliss, best of 100 match series.
  9. Thrawn33

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    First Arc id do after the next ppv where I would wrap up all arcs:

    Sign Hogan
    Advertise the shit out of it, have him make his return on Raw
    Top of the hour:
    Hogan comes out, cuts promo
    Elias interrupts challenges Hogan to match that night, hits Hogan with guitar, Roman makes the save, bro hugs and hand raising all around between HH and RR as Real American Plays...

    Main event: Hogan vs Elias...at the end Ref Bump of Death during the Hulk up. Elias goes for a guitar/chair/whatever, Roman makes the save grabbing the object before he strikes Hogan. Elias low blow on Roman, Hogan fires Elias into the ropes, Big Boot. Hogan bounces off for the Leg Drop....eats a spear by RR...

    RR draggs Elias over Hogan as the Ref wakes
    ..1,2,3 Elias wins

    RR grabs the Mic:
    "You return and despite all the terrible things you did and these idiots cheer you....I bust my ass and do what's right and I get booed...well **** you and the fans..."

    RR now solid heel
    Elias gets a pin on Hogan
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    You see. It's not that hard. Most responses are not what I would have said, but all are 100% better than Raw now.
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    Read Vince McMahons playback.....do that.

    But with more titties.

    motherfuckers a billionaire in a genre that don't make shit.
  12. sleepwalk

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    New Jersey
    1) Huge roster reduction. These folks aren't doing me any good sitting around to be jobbers, not used, or plugging holes in the next tier. Let them get over elsewhere and be a draw when they come back.
    2) Cut down the number of PPVs. Only time that there should be two in a month is between Rumble and Mania; one roster faces a Roadblock while the other tries to get into the FastLane. Integrate the old WCW ones. Themed PPVs should be on point: Extreme Rules should be all no DQ and No Way Out should be all cage/lumberjack/dog collar matches. Hell in a Cell and Elimination Chamber are matches; not PPVs. Three or four HiaC in one night cheapens that shit.
    3) Move Smackdown to another night.
    4) Brock has outlived his use.
    5) Anybody who insists on cutting to commercial at the start of a four minute match is on thin ice. Anyone who says that it should be for every match on every show is fired and framed for stealing company property in the way out.

    1) Hire Dutch Mantell and/or Kevin Sullivan.
    2) Hire a comic book writer or two. Fabian Niceza wrote the series bible for LU and made better characters for strangers than the shit they're trying to force on guys they had in NXT for four years.
    3) Let people use their real name if their real name is kick ass. If a chick's birth certificate reads "Angela Airborne," don't rename her "Carol" (no last name) and then pretend to be surprised when nobody reacts.
    4) Everybody from the Monday Night War era had one positive to say about Russo: From the curtain jerker to the Main Event, everybody had something to do and a motivation for doing it. Combine that with the Kevin Sullivan "three ring circus" approach and three hours doesn't drag.

    1) If someone does better from bullet points, let them do it. If someone does better with scripted lines, write some for them. You've got 60 word monkeys in the back. This is doable.
    2) Don't get in the way of what works. Roman. Bayley. Bray.
    3) Make the tag division matter. Two random main event guys that can't get along don't beat a top tag team that's been working together for years. Re-unite Kings of Wrestling.
    4) Stables should be in constant conflict, jockeying to get titles or keep them within the group.
  13. HomerThompson

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    Terror Lake
    That would only fill up 100 seconds of programming though.
  14. LLD2008

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    Mar 9, 2016
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    Replace the commentary team
    Stop the forced push of Roman Reigns and turn him heel (he's not the guy)
    Give wrestlers more freedom with promos
    Bring back blood for special matches like Hell in a Cell
    Get rid of gimmic ppvs
    Make raw 2 hours
    Less authority and boring long promos
    Get the title off Brock with a Lashley mega match and actually defend the title
    Don't rely on legends and actually try and build stars
    Remove Kevin Dunn
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  15. Goatenstein

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    WCW PPV names should never be disrespected by being used by WWE.

    First thing you do is have all announcers executed on live TV along with the McMahons and HHH. Heyman and Cornette each get a brand and wrestling recovers as much as it can since WCW died.
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  16. D.R.H.

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    Not even.
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  17. catchwrestle

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    Great points so far. Just a few I would add

    Story lines: they matter. during the two biggest booms of wrestling there were good story lines. During the cartoonish Hulkamania era there were well developed characters and stories that people cared about despite them being a bit corny in hind sight. Then during the Monday night wars there were story lines that people cared about even though they may seem overblown or convoluted in hind sight. As childish as the 80's were or as adult as the attitude era was People cared.

    Match Psychology: bring back multiple ways to end a match!! Right now you only win by hitting a finisher. It gives no suspense to the match at all. People eat up wrestlmania matches because the drama is heightened when a guy kicks out of a finisher. Bring it back to where every big move or submission hold might end the match. People will invest. You can't tell me Bo Dallas kicks out of a buckle bomb followed by a Phoenix splash. The only way to beat him is to hit the pedigree? People need to tap and go to sleep on some holds. Stone Cold going unconscious in the sharpshooter was iconic because people were tapping to the move. Now any guy who taps is a wuss. In the late 80's and early 90's entire arenas where going wild chanting DDT when Michael Hayes started using it. It was special and was a draw in itself.
  18. AleYeah

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    Bring back bra and panties matches.

    But seriously, a return to the days of long-term storylines with a payoff, and of feuds with clear winners and losers would be appreciated.
  19. Bluesbreaker

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  20. Hatestorm

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    United Kinkydom
    Make Kane like he was back in the late 90s.

    Make Undertaker like he was back in the early 90s.

    Kane Vs Undertaker bra & panties inferno match.
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