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    Flaming- There are limits to flaming that will not be tolerated. If you find your posts only containing flaming, you'll likely receive infractions. This is a form of derailment in which you are no longer discussing the topic at hand and choosing to just personally attack another poster. A strong line is drawn on any threats (whether violent/sexual) to the other poster or members of their family.
    Violence/Genocide- Do not condone violence or genocide on a person or group of people. You are free to attack a person or groups ideas but you are crossing the line when calling for violence. This will be heavily enforced in threads with breaking news involving victims. If you choose to celebrate the victims injuries and/or deaths or suggest they deserved what happened to them, you will likely get infractions.
    Examples: Israel vs. Palestine threads, Mass Shooting threads
    Racism/Xenophobia- Refrain from using racial/xenophobic/gay slurs. Just like above, if you stick to arguing for/against an ideology, religion, philosophy, and avoid dehumanizing the group or person that holds that view, you should be fine.
    Gore- refrain from posting any images or videos containing gore. Even during a breaking news event, we do not want this content posted.
    Derailing- Do not derail threads. Posters tend to come into a thread they do not like in order to derail. Doing this isn't accepted and can lead to infractions. If you don't like the thread, you easily can post in a different one. If you find yourself going off-topic with someone, quote their most recent post, go to the War Room OT Sticky Thread, Click "Insert Quote" and you are free to continue your conversation there without causing any harm.

    Thread Starting
    - Do not post multiple threads in one day, particularly addressing the same subject. This tends to drown out other posters from bringing different ideas into the discussion. It isn't fair to monopolize the discussion. Posting two or three threads can sometimes be okay, particularly when they are on different subjects. But that is the exception, not the rule. If you are a relatively new poster in this forum, it is particularly important not to begin by spamming lots of new threads.
    -Don't post a thread with very little in it. A thread containing just a YouTube video or link is likely going to be dumped.
    -Do not continually post threads regarding the exact same issue. If you do not like nation X, that is entirely okay. It is fine to post a thread criticizing nation X. What's not okay is to post nothing but threads attacking nation X, day after day, month after month, obsessively.
    -Post replies in your own thread. Don't just post and abandon it. Keep addressing what others say.
    -Think a bit before you post. Do you really understand what you are posting about? Did you read it through? Is it really interesting? Don't just post a lazily written introduction to a link when you don't understand what the link actually says.
    -A thread title should accurately reflect a summary of your OP

    If you find a post to be breaking the rules above, please use the report button. The mods cannot see everything posted and just because a mod may be in the specific thread does not mean we necessarily saw and ignored it. Do not assume that a specific infraction is now tolerated if you see it done and go do that same thing yourself. Also give some time for a reported comment to be addressed. Modding isn't instant and many times I see people refer to a comment being allowed that was deleted AFTER they saw it.

    If you have any questions or want guidance on this OP, feel free to PM a mod.

    Credits: @Zankou @Madmick @Lead @Ruprecht @Limbo Pete

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