Worst teams for bandwagon fans?

Discussion in 'Sports Bar' started by ProBoxingInsidr, May 4, 2017.

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    Any living human in Southern California can attest to this.

    I am a fan of all the Colorado teams and I live in Southern California. I went to a Rockies game in L.A. a few weeks ago against the Dodgers. Kershaw was pitching. I was fully expecting a pretty large attendance since their ace was gonna be on the mound. The crowd was a lot smaller than expected, which wasn't such a negative thing, but the fans were just absolutely not into the game at all. It was a close game all the way through and you could. not. get them to make noise. Everyone was on their phone, not paying attention, throwing beach balls around the park, not even watching the game. Shit loads of people were gone by the 5th inning... I used to go to local single-A ball games for our small town local baseball club, and those 300-500 fans were louder than the 15-20,000 fans in L.A., and I'm not joking about this. Between innings the camera would put random fans on the jumbotron and that is when people would actually start to really make noise. It was so pathetic. In one instance, a girl was shown in a UCLA sweatshirt and the entire crowd boo'd this young teenage girl to no end. This was by far the loudest they got all night long. Booing a young girl in a UCLA sweatshirt.

    SoCal has the worst fans in all of sports, and there is no close 2nd. You could make the case for Boston fans or Philly fans for being assholes and heckling their own players and shit, but they still actually seem to follow each sport and actually know what's going on.
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    Hmm nope. Couldn't be more wrong. Giants have been selling out their ballpark most nights since they moved to AT&T in 2000. Also the Warriors were selling out and were known to have the loudest crowds before they won a title. Every team that wins a championship is going to have bandwagon fans
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    1. Chicago Blackhawks
    2. Seattle Seahawks
    3. Miami Heat
    4. New York Yankees
    5. New England Patriots

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