Why USADA is catching so many

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    I was a pro tennis player for 10 years. They have what is called a TUE or a therapeutic use exemption. If you have a doctor sign off saying you medically need something to compete, then you can fail every test for it and be fine. When they changed the rule in 2007 for players to renew their exemption every calendar year, 12 people got fined for not renewing their exemption. I was shocked. That was 12 players cheating pretending they couldn't compete without an illegal drug. And those were the players that did not renew and got fined. Who knows how many did in fact renew in time and not get exposed?! This was at the mandatory players meeting at the 2007 Australian Open.

    The ATP Tour controls the testing. It is not above-board like the UFC. If testing was as stringent in tennis, basketball, football etc as it was in the UFC, players would pop every day. The UFC has TUEs but you actually have to prove you are not BS-ing the system unlike tennis. In tennis, it sucks big time to be tired and be at 80% of your ability, while your opponent is at 100% because they simply don't tire. At least you don't get your head bashed in for only being at 80% like you would in the UFC.

    People that don't care about athletes juicing either never played sports at a high level where cheaters are essentially pick-pocketing you, or they are cheaters themselves. Mark Hunt is not a cry baby, anyone high level athlete that doesn't cheat would completely understand.
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    yea it sucks for the clean guys. usada is doing passport testing now on UFC fighters so even more people will pop. If you fight in the UFC and cheat the overwhelming odds are you'll be caught.

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