What do you think of this plan?

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by Nooob, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Nooob

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    Aug 6, 2017
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    My goal is to lose weight fast as possible, go back in shape and stay fit. I haven't been lifting for 3 years. In the last 12 months, I was rotting and gained a lot of fat.

    I want to start strength training 3x a week and train combat sport 3x a week.

    What do you think of this plan:

    Monday - BJJ

    Tuesday - Upper Body workout (cardio, 5x5s bench press, inclines, dips and pullups).

    Wednesday - Muay Thai

    Thursday - Lower body workout (cardio, squats/deadlifts/rows).

    Friday - BJJ

    Saturday - Rest

    Sunday - Upper body workout (cardio, overhead press, barbell curls, hammers and underhand pullups).

    Is it too much?
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  2. Fahcough

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    Sep 6, 2015
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    It's a lot if you haven't did anything for a year. You'll need to slowly roll into it. Body will be sore for a week just from weight lifting.
  3. corpse

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    Aug 1, 2012
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    what's your priority, martial arts or strength training?

    i would advice you to just do the bjj and mt in the beginning and see how your energy levels develop. maybe do some liss on your off days or some easy calisthenics to support your ma classes.

    your age and former training experience also play a big roll in this.

    loosing overweight fat has more to do with a consistent, sensible diet than intense working out every day.
  4. JonJonesLines

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    I think you'd be better off doing something like 3 days a week of just bjj/mt for a solid 3 months to get your body adjusted. Then I'd add your lifting (Starting strength is a great plan but do some assistance works) on those same days as you do bjj/mt. Then on the other 2 or 3 days do some combination of running, swimming, biking, rowing, yoga.

    One thing our bodies need is time to recover and doing 6 straight days of high intensity work will kill your body (if you're natural and not like 18). Combine those hard days and add in some light/medium cardio plus some yoga on the others to give your body a rest but still work towards your fitness goals.
  5. RyanR

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    I follow a somewhat similar schedule (lifting 3x a week, bjj 3 times) and it looks decent to me. I do 5/3/1 though and learned to really appreciate the deload weeks.

    One thing you should ask yourself though is what are you goals? Do you want to compete in BJJ or Muay Thai? Do you want to be strong? Prioritize towards your goals and don't set unrealistic expectations being an all around strongman/marathon runner/ combat sports champ.

    One thing that helped me was realizing I'm probably not going to be deadlifting 500+ at 185 if I also want to train as heavy as I do in BJJ. I stopped trying to lift heavy all the time, started mixing in body weight exercises as assistance lifts, and currently feel great when I train BJJ as opposed to drained.

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