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    Currently sitting at 66kg, however I know I have a hell of a lot of weight that I can definitely lose to bring me down to 61kg (bantamweight). By weight, I mean body fat. I am aware of the protocol for body fat loss. Caloric deficit and all of that stuff. Just from experience, does anybody recommend any foods that aren’t calorie dense in order to help with being in a caloric deficit for so long, it isn’t exactly the most comfortable feeling (and no I’m not starving myself haha).

    I’m looking to get to the point where my walk around weight is 61kg and maybe I could cut down to competition weigh of 55/56kg. 61kg is doable and I have down it before, however I’m finding it hard to keep the weight off recently, and have been staying at 66kg consistently for a few weeks now.

    I have a cardio based training programme as well, so any recommendations on specific cardio exercises (HIIT etc) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Carbs aren't calorie dense, fats are. Personally I've found much success keeping my macros at:

    1g/bw protein
    0.35g/bw fats
    fill the rest up with carbs.

    So say 2400 is losing 1lb a week, it would be
    145g protein
    50g fat
    342g carbs

    The main thing is keeping yourself within the right caloric intake. Keep track of the weight, adjustments in your activity level will affect your metab and depend if your rate is higher or lower.

    For cardio if you're competing, you will need to incorporate both HIIT and LISS types. Having done the mistake in my earlier days of one over the other I gassed in both instances:

    -did nothing but LISS and gassed at the intensity of 2min rounds. Sounds short, but its an onslaught of a sprint, plus you're stressed, nervous, and filled with adrenaline so you gas faster

    -Thought it was just a bad night so I did the same style of LISS for the next fight. Same result with my tank.

    -Decided to change things and did nothing but HIIT. Did well in the first two rounds, gassed in the beginning of the 3rd, and it was a draw. So they gave it a 4th round where I was a zombie and lost on that.

    HIIT preps you for the intensity you will face, while LISS is for overall general cardio.

    I tend to alternate weeks based on cardio. So for example. week 1: 3 days a week of LISS, 2 HIIT, week 2 is reverse of that. And so forth.
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    Popcorn has helped during my dieting phases.
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    beef and potatoes few naggins b grand

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