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Discussion in 'Weapons and Tactics' started by Sinister, Mar 9, 2006.

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    Greetings everyone. This is the new place in which I've been hinting that we can share our opinions and experiences regarding weapon training in Martial Arts. You've been asking for it for quite some time, so here it is. Now of course, there's going to be some certain points of etiquette and tact when dealing with this subject specifically because we don't want it to turn into political or moral debate. So first things first of course the general Sherdog user rules apply:

    Sherdog User Rules and FAQ.

    However, there are also going to be some more strict rules to make sure this forum stays the way it's mean to be idealistically, and there will be a zero-tolerance policy towards a lot of these, as this sub-forum took much consideration to be brought about:

    1) There will be no advocating of killing people indiscriminantly. It's one thing to discuss fatal techniques, but there's a fine-line between that and encouraging homicide. Sherdog Staff wants no confusion on this matter, this forum is not meant to provoke or support explicit use of weapons.

    2) Leave the political debates out of this. We understand there are many things within the scope of weapons, but we do not want to invite things like political perspectives being bantered about regarding large-scale weaponry and use thereof. We can discuss the laws of weapon use accordingly, and social tendencies regarding weapons, but politics specifically is what the War Room is for.

    3) Any threats from user to user that are made maliciously will be taken more seriously in here, since the topic of discussion are things capable of ending life.

    We ask that you just be mindful of the intended purpose of this forum, which is to have a central place to discuss the presence of weaponry and appreciation thereof within the World of Martial Arts.

    Thanks and have fun,
    Sherdog Staff
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