"We need water. Sweet, sweet water, and maybe somebody's daughter...."

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    "Mister, I've seen your daughter at the oasis, and I'm beginin' to blister...."

    "The Who Live at the Isle of Wight" is one of my favorite concert films. It is amazing, both visually and aurally. I love watching and listening to The Who perform. You can't often say that bands are as good live as they are recorded. The Who were often better live. They had such great musicianship, style, and sense of humor. Their lyrics often crack me up, as in this case. Beyond their humor, there is something primal in The Who's work, which, I believe, is why their work has been so successful and enduring. Anyway, I couldn't sleep and was blasting some Who and thought I would share one of my favorite songs with which to annoy my neighbors.
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    True story:

    In 1979 my brother and I went to see the newly released Muppet Movie. My mom bought us the tickets and sent us in to watch the movie while she went shopping and would meet up with us afterward. Somehow mom got mixed up and had bought and given us tickets for "The Kids are Alright" which the theater employees made us go into that theater since that's what are tickets were for. My brother and I ended up sitting through the whole thing because we had no way home and zero idea of what to do. We knew we were in the wrong theater, but were too naive to know how to handle it.

    Years later I actually listened to and grew to really like The Who's music, but at the time I just recall seeing bare boobs and watching some guy getting whipped.

    I was 9 years old.
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