UMA R9 Headgear Review

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    Really good headgear , solid headgear great protection all around , protects my nose good and im able to see , and for the price you wont find anything better . i would give this head gear 9/10 , the leather was really wrinkly but feels durable, and the logo should be the same color as the logo of there gloves so they match black and brown instead of red n mayb remove the fightgear makes it look like a just mma/karate logo in my opinion instead of a all around combat sport . but the built of the head gear is good and is leather on leather not cloth material so if you like that its on you . the fit is really good , the inside feels sticky when you put it on because its leather but when your sweating its more relaxed fit, me i prefer the cloth but i see why they did leather for durability and cleaning . when im sweating the sweat just drops like a river fall but if you have a coach to wipe your fine . It doesnt really slip around but if the guy your sparring hits the headgear in the correct spot it will move it.

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