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    So just to start this off my review will be coming from a novice and is more aimed towards other novices do to my skill level, but i hope all feel welcome.

    So ive recently been doing some shopping for my own heavy bag at home and through a lot of back and forth I went for the Title Liqui-shock.

    First off lets start off with Titles description.
    "The exclusive LiquiShock™ water filled system takes heavy bag training and workouts to the next level. Ideal for all gyms, training centers, schools, studios and home use. Technically advanced high frequency welded TPU urethane bladder is built to last a decade of punishment and pounding. The bladder is sandwiched by 3" of medium and high density shock absorbing foam for superior protection, comfort and life-like feel when punching, kicking and striking the bag. The outer shell is covered by a heavy duty vinyl coated poly canvas and complete with cross poly propylene webbing reinforcement at the base and hanging straps for professionally built workouts. Friends, we whole-heartedly recommend the LiquiShock™ Heavy Bag for all your training needs from weekend warrior to aspiring amateur to polished professional. Every LiquiShock™ Heavy Bag comes complete with a 10 year warranty on the bladder."

    My basic thoughts:
    What I have to say so far about this bag is its pretty amazing for boxing/stand up techniques. Its not great for low kicks unless you are like 6'2 as the bag is shorter then average coming in at 13" X 36" for the 100 pound version. The bag does feel A LOT more human like then your standard cloth filled heavy bag. Its also easier on your wrists and knuckles if you are worried about joint issues or poor punching technique. Since its water filled you can adjust the weight, but the less full it is the more it sloshes the bag around. The 10 year warranty is amazing and it only weighs 20 pounds so shipping isnt killer. Its also easier to hang being only 20 pounds before filling.

    Build Quality/Craftsmanship:
    Now here I have to be honest with you, it could be better... They smeared the Title logo, most of the straps have fraying from where the stitching was finished, and while its not detrimental, it just doesnt look good. The main stitching down the sides surprisingly didnt even flex...(look at second picture straight as it can get) Which surprised me for a water bag. The stitching normally stretches. It uses a 1 way valve which can be annoying to fill at first if you dont have the proper adapter as you will need to "burp" it and let the air reach the surface. I hope to see a better valve option in the future.

    I would recommend this bag to a friend. Its a great bag compared to the traditional heavy bag, and also easier to deal with while providing ample joint protection along with allowing more room for error among novice boxers/mma.

    Cliff notes:
    Easy on joints
    Easy to move
    Cheaper shipping
    Able to fill it to desired level

    pain to fill up

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