The WW divisions is the Div with the most fighters, time to Split it in 2

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  1. Sonny Qc

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    Create 165 and move 170 to 175
    at 170, some fighter are way bigger than other.
    Undersized MW could move down easily
    Ex: Nick Diaz, Lombard, Gastelum
    Oversized LW could move up without giving up too much size
    Ex: Cowboy, Kevin Lee, Nate Diaz
    More than enough talent to stay competitive.

    Who do you thing could make the top 10 at 165lbs?

    Pick from the roster below.

    USA Donald Cerrone Cowboy 19–7 (1 NC)
    BRA Demian Maia 18–6
    USA Nate Diaz 14–9
    CAN Georges St-Pierre Rush 20–2
    USA Matt Brown The Immortal 13–9
    USA Robbie Lawler Ruthless 13–8
    CAN Patrick Côté The Predator 10–10
    USA Johny Hendricks Bigg Rigg 14–5
    USA Rick Story The Horror 12–7
    USA Carlos Condit The Natural Born Killer 12–6
    USA Jake Ellenberger The Juggernaut 10–8
    USA Mike Pyle Quicksand 10–7
    KOR Dong Hyun Kim The Stun Gun 12–3 (1 NC)
    USA Josh Burkman The People's Warrior 6–9 (1 NC)
    USA Neil Magny 11–4
    USA Jorge Masvidal Gamebred 10–5
    USA Tyron Woodley (C) The Chosen One 9–3–1
    BRA Erick Silva Índio 7–6
    USA Tim Means The Dirty Bird 8–4
    USA Ben Saunders Killa B 7–4
    USA Court McGee The Crusher 7–4
    USA Stephen Thompson Wonderboy 8–1–1
    GBR Dan Hardy The Outlaw 6–4
    USA Kelvin Gastelum 7–2
    GBR John Hathaway The Hitman 7–2
    USA Yancy Medeiros Frisson 4–4 (1 NC)
    ISL Gunnar Nelson Gunni 6–2
    BEL Tarec Saffiedine Sponge 6–2
    RUS Albert Tumenov Einstein 5–3
    BRA Roan Carneiro[29] Jucão 4–4
    BRA Sérgio Moraes The Panther 5–1–1
    USA Zak Cummings 5–2
    USA Alan Jouban Brahma 5–2
    BRA Alex Oliveira Cowboy 5–2
    ARG Santiago Ponzinibbio Gente Boa 5–2
    RUS Omari Akhmedov Wolverine 4–3
    GER Peter Sobotta 3–4
    JPN Yoshihiro Akiyama Sexyama 2–5
    JPN Keita Nakamura K-Taro 2–5
    USA Colby Covington Chaos 5–1
    USA Ryan LaFlare 5–1
    USA Sean Strickland Tarzan 5–1
    BRA Warlley Alves 4–2
    GBR Leon Edwards Rocky 4–2
    CAN Chad Laprise Disciple 4–2
    KOR Hyun Gyu Lim The Ace 3–3
    AUS Richard Walsh Filthy Rich 2–4
    RUS Alexander Yakovlev Thunder Of The North 2–4
    BRA Vicente Luque The Silent Assassin 4–1
    FRA Nordine Taleb 4–1
    DOM Alex Garcia The Dominican Nightmare 3–2
    CHN Li Jingliang The Leech 3–2
    CAN Jordan Mein[30] Young Gun 3–2
    SWE Nico Musoke Nico 3–2
    USA George Sullivan The Silencer 3–2
    USA James Moontasri Moonwalker 2–3
    USA Brandon Thatch Rukus 2–3
    NGR Kamaru Usman Nigerian Nightmare 4–0
    BRA Viscardi Andrade 3–1
    USA Bryan Barberena Bam Bam 3–1
    GBR Tom Breese The Octopus 3–1
    JPN Kiichi Kunimoto Strasser 3–1
    AFG Siyar Bahadurzada The Great 2–2
    DEN Nicolas Dalby Sharpshooter 1–2–1
    USA Dominique Steele Nonstop Action-Packed 1–3
    BRA Alberto Mina Soldier of God 3–0
    USA Michael Graves 2–0–1
    JAM Randy Brown Rude Boy 2–1
    GBR Danny Roberts Hot Chocolate 2–1
    BRA Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos Capoeira 2–1
    MEX Augusto Montaño Dodger 1–2
    MEX Erick Montaño Perry 1–2
    USA Belal Muhammad[31] Remember the Name 1–2
    CAN Sheldon Westcott 1–2
    MEX Héctor Urbina El Toro 1–2
    POL Bartosz Fabiński The Butcher 2–0
    USA Mickey Gall 2–0
    USA Mike Perry Platinum 2–0
    BRA Cláudio Silva Hannibal 2–0
    GBR Darren Till 1–0–1
    SER Bojan Veličković[32] Serbian Steel 1–0–1
    JPN Shinsho Anzai Animal 1–1
    USA Nathan Coy Soulforce 1–1
    USA Max Griffin Pain 1–1
    MEX Alvaro Herrera Chango 1–1
    BRA Antônio Braga Neto[33] 1–1
    CAN Jonathan Meunier The French Spider 1–1
    USA Zak Ottow 1–1
    BRA Luan Chagas Tarzan 0–1–1
    AUS Anton Zafir The Professor 0–2
    GER Jessin Ayari[34] Abacus 1–0
    USA Lyman Good Cyborg 1–0
    USA Alex Morono The Great White 1–0
    GH Abdul Razak Alhassan[35] Judo Thunder 1–0
    USA CM Punk CM Punk 0–1
    RUS Sultan Aliev 0–1
    USA Sabah Homasi The Problem 0–1
    ENG Jim Wallhead Judo 0–1
    IRE Charlie Ward[36] 0–1
    USA Brian Camozzi[37] The Mantis 0–0
    NOR Emil Weber Meek[30]
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  2. Only Here for Attachments

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    At this point I don't care. They should add 10 new weight-classes. That would mean 10 new championships, WME!
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  3. TheLastEmperorReurns

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    Khabib would win 165 lb title and become GOAT
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  4. Sweater of AV

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    Aug 17, 2018
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    Personally I'd rather keep it as is for now. There's also a fair number of retired fighters in that list.
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  5. BRaVo cHoKe

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    I always though lightweight had the most fighters on contract.

    My initial thoughts on the creation of a 165lb class were positive. I thought it may alleviate the weight cutting issues that have been happening as of late, but after hearing Dana's explanation why he was against forming it I'm back on the fence. He stated that it would just create a division for guys who would normally not be competing for belts the chance to and I have to agree. I also like the distinct contrast of physiques between a LW and a WW. Fighters just need to be more professional in how they choose a division to compete in and how they approach nutrition and cutting weight to fight in that division.
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  6. Workaholic

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    Fewer stacked divisions>>>> more shallow divisions
  7. Arqueto176

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    Or they could just make more fights at WW.
  8. Bogeyman

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    It's inevitable at this stage. Just a matter of time.
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  9. koquerelle

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    Feb 11, 2005
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    Horrible idea. MMA doesn’t have the talent pool for more divisions. Shit, some divisions have difficulty finding a legit contender.
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  10. NoBiasJustMMA

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    Dec 24, 2010
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    Nick Diaz could make 165
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  11. Sansnom

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    Oct 18, 2017
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    Yet it's pretty weak compared to what it was.
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  12. NoBiasJustMMA

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    Dec 24, 2010
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    LW and WW are the two most stacked divisions in MMA, the talent pool is absolutely there for an extra division between them.
  13. MMAProfessional

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    Jan 9, 2010
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    I don't really care if they add one or not. Personally those who are complaining walk around similarly heavy to welter weights. How about you do as the MW's have done and move up? There are plenty of fighters who are struggle to make the division because they cut too much weight so they can have the size advantage. Gastelum probably had a dedication issue though. It's like Hendricks saying it was too much for him but he walks around with a gut.
  14. MikeMcMann

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    Aug 15, 2015
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    LW and WW are always stacked and have a tremendous refresh rate. This proposal makes sense for a lot of reasons. There should not be a 15 lb gap as it forces guys like Khabib and Tony and Lee to cut too much to avoid fighting the giant sized WW contenders like Steven Thomson or even Robert Whitaker who can make WW with a tough cut. You can understand why Khabib and Tony will nto compete in a division against those guys. And same goes for the biggest WW's who would be too small at MW amongst the biggest guys there (who are really big enough for LHW). I bet, that even though Whitaker is good enough to hold the MW belt he would compete at 175lbs V some of the bigger WW and smaller MW's instead.

    As stated many of the bigger LW and WW's would move up and not kill themselves .

    Divisions should be

    - 145lb
    - 155lb (lots of great competitors for this division)
    - 165lb (lots of great competitors for this division)
    - 175lb (lots of great competitors for this division)
    - 185lb (MW at times has lots but the refresh of this division is slow and problematic so it would flux as the current MW division does)
    - 195lb (I think this division would get most of the guys making the smaller cut to 205 + some of the biggest current 185lbers)
    - 215lbs (this division would get all the HW's who should not be regularly fighting giants like Brock and guys who cut to to make 260)
    - OW (this is for the giants and guys like Cormier who want to take fights in the division to prove they are the best fighter in the world when no weight limits are considered. it would still get a lot of guys who might live at 215lbs taking fights at OW for that reason as you are truly the baddest man on the planet if you rule this division)

    Arguably we would see the most stress, or potential watering down in the 195 and 215 and OW divisions. But not much worse than now. But everything below that would likely be better.

  15. Philtard

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    London England blad
    They should make cruiser weight. Tgey also seemingly don't give a shit about the heavyweight div when there are a fair few good heavyweights outside of it.
  16. koquerelle

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    Then please explain to me why there are periods where the ufc has so much difficulty finding legit contenders? I remember when gsp was king of the ww division. It was supposedly so deep. Then Hardy got a shot after beating Swick and Davis.

    I repeat: asking for more divisions is fucking horrible.
  17. NoBiasJustMMA

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    Dec 24, 2010
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    What do you mean? There was a log jam of contenders at LW not long ago with Ferguson, Conor, Porier and Alvarez all being worthy of a title shot. There's also not really a lack of contenders at WW either the UFC just wanted to push the brash guy from the UK cause they do that, you even gave a good example in Hardy and they did it again with Till.

    You're confusing the UFC pushing UK contenders into title shots early due to marketabliity for a lack of depth. The UFC doesn't just give the best guys the title shots unless they are also marketable and if they aren't they have to do way more to get a title shot, like Jon Fitch for example.
  18. Morris88

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    "Dominique Steele Nonstop Action-Packed 1–3"

    Made me lol
  19. maxi diablo

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    Time to split the strawweights in two. Well some anyway.
  20. PeterGriffin

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    May 27, 2010
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    So tired of this 165lb talk. Most of the LW's are cutting from 170+lbs anyways. Fighters that are advocating it's a good idea to create the new division simply don't think they can beat either Woodley or Khabib, otherwise it wouldn't be brought up.

    Creating divisions just so a fighter might have a better chance at a title is not only bullshit, it's also a wasted effort as titles or rankings don't seem to mean anything anymore.

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