The funny thing about beliefs

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    Not strength training is definitely a bad doodoo in the entire combat sports community. Just straight up ignorance. But on a positive note, grapplers are more open to it compared to strikers. There's been coaches that have cut their fighters from camp because they hear they on a strength training program and feel it'll "gas" them out, or make muscles "non-functional".

    Takedowns, might be a culture thing. One interesting thing was the other thread about low singles being a dick move, yet dangerous shit like guard jumping is seen as okay.

    Some guys even find crossfacing a bit out of the comfort zone, I did when I started out on day one, but realized its part of the game and necessary. I train out of a MMA gym so we've been pro-standing and takedowns, at first when I heard about the lacking in takedowns I was confused since BJJ classes here were opposite of it, but eventually we had some guys come over and I saw it. It felt real weird to be honest, I wasn't expecting the pulls or flat out sitting right when we start.

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