Take downs in bjj or lack of..

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    Or TS can just to a bjj club that has good judokas.

    I suck at judo.

    But the other bjj BB 1 degrees instructor is nidan judo.

    One bjj brown belt is judo shodan

    One blue belt is nidan

    Another blue belt is shodan

    Anothrt 2 blue belts are brown belt in judo

    He'll even one white belt no stripe is a yellow belt.
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    I'm from PA. Of my 4 instructors at my location of my school (there are 2 locations but not all instructors teach at both), 1 was a Division 1 wrestler, another was a Division 3 wrestler, and another was a PA regional champ and could have wrestled in college if he wanted to. While it is not a heavy part of the curriculum, we do work a decent amount of wrestling.

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